Searching for New Patterns

There is no question that I like routines. I like the predictability of a schedule and knowing what is planned for the day, week, or even, year. But, with recent changes – my husband’s retirement and the completion of my graduate degree in Natural Resources this past Saturday, we are adjusting to new patterns.

My husband has been “done” for almost three weeks now. He’s got a little bit of a routine going, but is still figuring out the “best” time to go to the YMCA to swim. Most of his free time has been spent in his wood shop where he is making pieces for a summer art show he hopes to be juried into once again.  But, even this routine has been interrupted by  the season. He’s helped by making two batches of cutout cookies, one of which he also frosted. So, while he’s got some pattern or routine going, it is not solidified yet.

I, on the other hand, do not have a routine yet.  Given that it has only been a few days since I finished school, I guess that’s understandable. But, I like routine, as I said, so I will try to establish some in the coming weeks.

The blogging that I wish to continue needs a time and space of its own. Early morning (not too early) seems to work well for me.  The house is usually quiet and I can get pieces done more quickly with that type of environment.  I also have some writing I want to publish. These are mostly pieces of curriculum that I’ve developed over the years – tried and true lessons for outdoor learning and even some math problems related to gardening that are appropriate for a number of different applications. But, I must make time for that. I’ve always pushed it aside and that must stop. The time is now, and I really need to take advantage of it.

home-office-336378_1920 (1)

Today, my husband and I are attempting to establish a new pattern. We will go for a late breakfast at a diner we like in the next town. Then, we’ll finish up any last-minute Christmas shopping and go to a matinée at noon. We tried to do this last week, but I backed out – I felt the pressure of my last exam telling me that I should not be sitting idly in a movie theater when I had “things” to do.  So, we had a lunch out but no movie.


We’ll see how it goes – this establishment of new patterns. I’m not even sure it matters what the patterns are, just that we have some. I look forward to finding them. But, I have a feeling they won’t emerge until after the holidays. It sure is a tough time of year to establish a routine!

What patterns do you have in your life and how important are the patterns to you?

Feel free to comment below!

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  1. My pattern includes having my mornings “free” – for errands or appointments or even just hanging out at home. I try to journal every morning, and do a little Bible reading and prayer. My blogging isn’t really on a schedule yet, though I hope to change that. My bummer there is that I seem to do my best blogging late at night, so then I sleep in the next morning. I guess that’s another advantage to open mornings!

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  2. Congratulations to you and your husband! I look forward to reading more about your new journeys!

    I really struggled with developing a new routine when I finished my dissertation. For a long time, I didn’t know what to do with the time that I had previously devoted to researching and writing. I think that I’m still trying to figure out that routine:)

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    1. Yes, I am slightly concerned about that. I love school and being in school. I devoted large pieces of time to my assignments, reading, and researching my answers. It felt purposeful and that is something I am concerned with preserving for myself. Thanks for your kind words!

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      1. Thanks! I actually have four volumes of the math questions written. One has been for sale on TpT for over a year and sells regularly. I would like to get the other three volumes up as well as a compilation. There is a need for some of this material – learning in real life!


  3. My in-laws have all stuck to their pre-retirement routines of getting up early, getting things done, and then having the afternoon and evening to relax. I thought there would be more “free” time, but they like having things planned out. Two are retired educators, and it is interesting to see them still following the school year calendar with some of their routines!

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    1. Yes, I can understand them sticking to a routine they knew so well. I slept in the other day and felt awful….like I had missed half the morning. Thus, the post. I like to be productive so if I can do what your in-laws have done, I’ll be happy with that! Thanks for the comments! Merry Christmas!


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