Poetry Friday: Joys of Christmas Cookies

The Joy of Christmas Cookies

Purple Mittens,

Green Trees,

Sparkling White Stars,

Blue Snowflakes,

The Sweetness of sugar and

Anise extract adding a layer of licorice to the mix.

Finding Grandma’s old recipe fills the kitchen with

 family for the joy making cut out cookies.


Rich, thick, brown syrup made from sugar cane,

Ginger spice cannot be missed.

Little men, women, and children come to life when baked,

donning colorful painted outfits in green, red, and white.

Laughing, always, laughing.

Their sugary eyes sparkle catching the light of the room.


IMG_2206 (1)

Creamy, smooth butter made from nuts whips up into a soft dough.

Rolling & rolling the chunks between my palms forming a perfect ball.

Toss with sugar, bake, and put a kiss on the top!

A favorite treat had once a year!

Not to be missed are the Mexican Wedding Cakes we call Snowballs.

Confections of Confectioner’s sugar, pecans, & flour melt in your mouth.

For me, perfect with a cup of hot tea.




Homemade pretzels, croissants, and pizza dough are new additions this year.

Our kitchen’s been a busy place, warm with the oven, homemade treats, and love!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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