Clumpy to Clear: A Poetry Friday Post About Clouds

For close to two years now I have been watching clouds with concern. In July of 2017, I started a post that went like this,

” I said it again last night. The sky looks like fall. Heavy, billowing, opaque clouds have filled the sky at odd moments or during odd seasons in the last few years.  While driving today, again the thought crossed my mind. What is going on? It is only June! The clouds should not look like they do in Autumn. Afterall, it is summer! Are the clouds giving us clues to changes in our climate? I am not a climatologist, but still I have to wonder.”

img_1167 (2)

Eighteen months later, I am still wondering. I note shapes and textures of the clouds that seem odd for the time of year it is currently. This happens with some frequency and happened again yesterday, as I drove to town in the morning. The sight and thoughts inspired my poem for this week’s Poetry Friday hosted by Kathryn Apel of KatsWhiskers.


Clouds fill the sky, like

rows and rows of pillows clumped

one on top of each other,

beginning and ends not seen.

But, also seen is a peek of blue here,

and a larger one over there, too!


Wispy lines of white now appear

out of a mostly blue, baby blue sky.

Sunlight has chased the clumps away,

brightening the entire horizon!

Seamless, shining blue like a sapphire

reflecting the light. Blinding without the clouds.


Cloudy Whiteness,

Billowy, Wispy, Linear, or Low.

Will they reappear?

Or, will the crystal sapphire sky remain until

darkness falls?

Only time will tell what the future knows.


© All Text and Photographs are copyrighted by Carol Labuzzetta. No Permission to Duplicate in any form, digitally or otherwise. Thank you.

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