My Cup of Comfort: Tea!

If you asked me about my beverage of choice, I would have to say tea!

I enjoy a cup or two of tea every day. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve been known to take tea bags on vacation with me!

My preferred tea is black tea. I like it to be full-bodied, have a little kick, and even have a little bitterness to the taste. Caffeine is a bonus, but I do drink decaffeinated tea in the evening. With my history of insomnia, I do everything I can to avoid being awake in the middle of the night. This includes avoiding caffeinated beverages or foods after 3pm.


I’ve been known to frantically search my pantry in search of one bag my preferred tea. If not found,  I am disappointed and ridicule myself for not being aware that I was running low. Although other family members drink tea, I am the only one to do so on a daily basis. It’s consumption rises when a family member is not feeling well.

Tea, loose and bagged, has been given as gifts and received as gifts as well. Recently my sister-law-went to the Azores and brought back some black tea as a Christmas gift for me. It is delicious. Since it is loose tea, I brew it in a special pot my friend, MJ, gave me a few years ago. It is from the company Teavana and is similar to a French Press coffee maker.


Usually, I get my tea from the grocery store. But, sometimes they’re out of the brand I like and then, my family hears a lot of complaining. This continues until my stash is replenished. I’ve learned that if I like a tea from the grocery store, I have to form a mini stockpile of the beverage because you never know when they will discontinue it or carry it in one location of the store and not another.

On occasion, I’ve ordered specialty tea over the internet. Some places and brands I’ve tried through the mail are Republic of Tea, Teavana, and Tazo, and Teatulia. I was elated when Target was carrying Teatulia teas. But, I must have been the only one buying them, because eventually, it disappeared from the shelves, and did not return!  The Teatulia brand is great because the container is pressed paper and I have used it to start seedlings for my gardens. It readily decomposes with water!  My rose milkweed got its start this way, and I love remembering that about it.


My fondness for tea goes way back to high school. I remember staying at the house of my friend, Jan, and having tea in the morning with breakfast. It was almost a ritual!

Tea is comforting. It is my go to drink if I am anxious. Holding the warm mug in my hands is calming.  And yet, I am not a “proper” teetotaler. I have lazy tea habits, like leaving my bag in my mug and reusing it for a second cup. I never add milk, cream or sugar to my tea, either.

However, it is nice to go to a place that offers “high tea” and indulges in all the rituals associated with the historic drink. Bermuda offers a high tea, and hot tea can also be received with any meal. It changes the “flavor” when you sip out of a china cup, and place it back on a saucer, surrounded by white table linens.

I do love my cup of tea! So, if you’ll excuse me now, I will go and make myself one!



© All Text and Photographs are copyrighted by Carol Labuzzetta. No Permission to Duplicate in any form, digitally or otherwise. Thank you.

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    1. Charlie regularly drinks chamomile tea. He is picky about his tea and has also received it as gifts from myself, his aunt, and someone (an adult) he gave saxophone lessons to while he was at the HS. He does not like any bitterness. I really don’t care for chamomile but do like the orange and spice flavors in “Constant Comment.”

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