Odds and Ends

It’s already 8:30 p.m. and I am just sitting down. I’ve had a busy day starting with a coffee date with a friend, followed by going work, followed by sitting in our high school stadium for a track meet.  I have not had time to write or even think about what I would write today. So, I thought I’d post some odds and ends.

Track Meets

This is our third season of watching track meets. Sadly, we still are not equipped to sit in 50 degree weather for three hours.  By the time we left, I was chilled to the bone.  The day was sunny when we arrived but a storm moved in when about half the meet was over. We could see the rain moving in. I have to say, it was cool. What do I do when I think something is cool? I take photos!!

Early April rain moving in 
This video doesn’t exist

The rain, which we sat through was followed by a double rainbow. It was pretty…not the best I’ve seen and not the worst. But, it was cool that you could see both the beginning and the end over the high school fields. Maybe, it was the luck we needed to win the track meet!

Getting ready

When I finish this brief blog, I need to get a treasure trove of things you’d find in the forest to show at a presentation tomorrow at a local school. It is the first of such presentations I am doing  in my new role as an Outreach and Education Program Manager for a local Land Trust. My presentation is  entitled  “Treating the Forest as Our Friend.”  I thought it was kind of corny but the teacher who was my contact at this school thought it was great. Basically, I will talk about all the great things we get from forests, and why we need to protect them.  I guess I could be classified as a tree hugger, but it is only because I know we could not live, as humans, without our forests!

IMG_3302 (1).jpg

Seed Starting

Some weeks ago, I wrote about seed starting. I am happy to say that germination has been successful!  I have both whorled milkweed and short (green) milkweed seedlings. Tonight, I was forced to remove the plastic covering that was helping to keep moisture in and humidity high over the seed tray. But, the seedlings are getting too tall, so off came the plastic. Still, there are some (many) spots in the seed tray that have yet to germinate.

My other tray of seedlings has 100% germination. This tray includes basil, yellow pear tomatoes, and a few zinnia. All the peat pots have seedlings in them. They are verdant and healthy looking.




Today was Slice of Life Tuesday.  Thanks for stopping by!

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