Home Improvements

Today, my husband started a new home improvement project.  He’s quite a handy guy. Two years ago, during the month of January, he completely renovated our main bathroom. It is gorgeous with glass tiles and a shower screen. He installed a new tile floor, new lights, new cabinetry, a new toilet, and even a new porcelain tub. The entire room was transformed.

The summer after that, he resided our house. We went from vinyl siding to a warm brown LP Smart Siding. It took most of the summer, but he did a great job with a great job.

We have a history of tackling large home improvement projects. Our first house, in a suburb of Buffalo, New York was built in 1912. We completely gutted it and renovated it room by room.  If we could have picked that house up and moved it to Wisconsin when we came here twenty years ago, we would have.  But, since that time, a cabin has been build, furniture has been made, two large entertainment units have been built into the walls in two different home, and many custom pieces of furniture have been made.


We like wood – all types, but each have our favorites. Years ago, my favorite wood was maple. It is light and has an attractive grain.  Over the years, I have learned to appreciate cherry and how it darkens when exposed to the sun and the heavy graining of hickory. My husband likes cherry, but also uses a lot of black walnut and some oak. Today, he picked up a load of cedar he had specially ordered for some adirondack chairs.

IMG_3356 (1)

But, our newest home improvement project is born out of necessity. We need to replace the flooring in the lower level of our home, the level which is on a cement slab. Unfortunately, our cats, whom we loved very much, started spraying to mark their territory in the last few years of their life. They were 15 years old when they died of natural causes two years ago. We miss them terribly but do not miss the faint odor of cat urine that seems to creep out of nowhere when the ground is damp, as it is now.

Yesterday, as we sat at our son’s track meet, we decided to replace the flooring. Both of us had noticed the unpleasant, yet familiar odor again – in the last few days. It is faint but we can note its presence.  My husband wanted to start to replace the flooring about six weeks ago, so we looked at the possibilities. Hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, the possibilities are endless. I just could not make a decision. So, since we were expecting our older sons home for spring break, we put off the floor renovation.


This all changed today. Today, carpet was ripped out, furniture was moved, the cement was scrubbed and treated with enzyme solution to perform a chemical magic on removing the odor of urine. Next, we will have to seal the cement.

I will need to review our options again for replacement and make a decision.  Stay tuned.  I miss our cats but as we replace this floor and delete their markings from our home – as faint as they might be, I know we had to replace the flooring. Maybe, we’ll be able to get a new pet after it’s done.

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