Piles: How do you deal with them?

My husband and I have a joke about piles. It’s a clean joke but also kind of gross.  Sometimes, our conversations degenerate into a specialized kind of medical-speak that only those in the medical professions can appreciate.

Neither one of us enjoy piles. I especially get irritated when too many of them exist. The piles that aggravate me the most are not my own, of course, but the piles of others! Once in a while, however, my own piles aggravate me. And, tonight was the night!

By now you have probably guessed that I am not talking about hemorrhoids or the other name for piles. I am talking about a pile of “things.” Books, music, magazines, papers to read, etc.. These are the piles that have been bothering me recently!

The entire lower level of our home is in disarray. I wrote about this recently. Carpets were pulled out that led to the ceilings being painted that led to the walls being newly coated with freshly chosen colors. All this is hard for me! I like constancy.  My husband is adept at doing the work, but this project seemed to blossom once it got started.  And, now we’re in the thick of it.

As a consequence of all the work, the rooms had to be cleaned out – books upon books are piled in the back room on a ping-pong table I had recently cleaned off in hopes that our boys might play over spring break. Now you cannot even see the table. Vases, knickknacks, seasonal decorations, and piles of sheet music are shoved into other rooms. My plant stand strategically claimed a spot in front of the sliding glass door. A computer station was partially demolished and discarded outside the same glass door, awaiting being disposed of.  The piano is in the center of it all – luckily no one at home plays it anymore.


I’ve tried to stay out of these rooms – now under construction for the first since we put a new fireplace in a few years ago.  So, today, I retreated to my office and closed the door. But, as I lay on my yoga mat and looked around, I noticed my own piles – I had plenty occupying my own space.

So, I set about reducing my office piles tonight. I made progress. I found the forest folder I had been looking for last week – right on my desk – where I had probably put it a month ago. I found my folder of Math Meets Nature questions – a series  of math questions developed around our garden club topics that I’ve been meaning to get on the internet for purchase. I found some interesting articles on place based education that was gathered together with a white paper on logic models, and a conservation plan on Karner Blue Butterflies. I started with five piles and am down to two.  It is a good place to stop for the evening.


I debated whether to write a blog today or not. But, the piles seemed like good fodder that at least was partially funny. My blog numbers are up and I want to keep them there – writing and posting daily is one way to keep my readers engaged! So, I am interested. How do you deal with your piles (the paper ones, of course). Do you clean them up weekly, monthly, or yearly? Do things get filed or just thrown out? I did not end up throwing much out, but I did file quite a few things away. Now, I’ll just have to remember where I put them when I need them again!




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