Poetry Friday: A Stab at Book Spine Poetry

Today, I decided to try my hand at writing some book spine poetry. This is a form of poetry I have heard about but never written. Earlier this week I saw a social media post from our high school showing students in the library, working on book spine poetry.

Not having any background in this type of poetry, I decided to give it a shot, since I did not have any other ideas about which to write today. That’s not exactly true, I do have some ideas but not any poetry ideas. And, since this is Poetry Friday, that is what want to write.

Luckily, our house has stacks and stacks of books and magazines. Practically each room you visit has a bookshelf or shelves stuffed full of books.  We are also doing some home renovations so many of the books are stacked on a ping-pong table in the back room.

First, I read both of these online articles on how to go about writing book spine poetry. Then, I set off on my journey to find some good titles as I travelled about my house with a clipboard and pen, in hand.



I came up with a few but none, in my opinion, are stellar. Despite that it was kind of fun! I did find that after I pulled the books I was interested in from the stacks, it was easier to move them around and make something interesting in the form of a poem. Remembering in which stack I found the book, was another issue entirely!

Here are my attempts – along with the photos to prove I used the book titles!


City on Fire

Burning Bright

One Summer




Circle of Friends

Cut From Plain Cloth


another day



The Forest

Bringing Nature Home

The Sparrow

Wilderness and The American Mind

Common Sense



The Physician

Living with Intensity

The Woman in Cabin 10

A Fierce Radiance






every day


another day


Today is Poetry Friday. These are my submissions. Our host this week is: A Year of Reading Blog.  Thank you for allowing us all to share our love of poetry! Book Spine Poetry is fun! I will try it again – once my bookshelves are put back together!

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