Poetry Friday: Frog Invasion & Sunflower Sneaks

Today is Poetry Friday. Sadly, I missed the last couple of weeks, just due to a busy schedule and not being able to slow down to write a mindful poem. Yesterday was warm, sunny, and I found time to sit listen, watch, reflect, and write. I hope you enjoy these poems. Thanks to Reflections on the Teche for hosting Poetry Friday this week!

Leopard Frog. Pixabay,  Creative Commons License.

Frog Invasion

Frogs are calling in a constant hum

Awakening at noon, creating a buzzing sum.

One, or hundreds, you can hear them call,

not to us, but to other frogs,

come, come lay with me, to make more for all.


A new pond is filled, for it does not drain,

Home is claimed by the assortment of amphibians that now reign.

We cannot see you, but hear, easily from there,

right beyond our yard boundary in a pond, not so clear.


The frogs are fine, I don’t mind them so much.

But, if the geese come to call, I’ll change my mind.

I do not want to deal with the likes of those kind.


Photo by Carol Labuzzetta, © 2019. Sunflower art  shoe painting by B. Labuzzetta, 2019.

Sunflower Sneakers

Sunflowers of yellow, brown, and green

light up my feet for days, unseen.

Padding around in my private abode,

I cannot let you touch dirt for then, you’ll be old.

Bright flowers adorning my new white sneakers, you see,

are a remnant of art, just made for me.

My son, the artist, as he’s come to be known,

is the creator of sunshine and whimsy, that cannot be cloned.

These sunflower sneaks will brighten the rest of my days,

however many or few I have left in my living phase.

Yellow, Brown, and Green shaped into flowers to wear on my feet,

favorites forever to add to my shoe fleet.


Photo by Carol Labuzzetta, © 2019. Sunflower art shoe painting by © B. Labuzzetta, 2019.






10 thoughts

  1. Oh, those sneakers and the poem about them are fantastic! I love it. Does your son charge much? I might want a pair!


    1. Hi, Linda. He charges $35.00 per per for the painting. You have to supply the sneakers. Most kids are supplying Vans. I bought Keds, on sale. Both white canvas. Let me know if you are interested further. Thanks for the kind words.


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