Slice of Life Tuesday: Vacation to Banff National Park

Today is Slice of life Tuesday. My family and I are headed back from a trip to Banff in Alberta, Canada. It was a great trip, one the I am happiest to have had the presence of all three of my adult and, almost adult, young men with us. All five of us agree that Banff National Park is a place we would like to return to in the future.


In all honesty, the trip didn’t start well. The night before we left, there were a couple of arguments. Unfortunately, I was a the center of both – I went to bed in tears and did not know how the rest of the trip would go.

Perhaps, one of my closest friends said it best – traveling is stressful. But, considering this tough start, all went well on our trip. Due to the outdoor nature of hiking and getting to some more remote areas, screen usage was down. My three sons got along well as adults – although all very different in personality.

I faired alright, making an effort to be less demanding and watching comments that might be misconstrued. I saw efforts to be the same on the part of others as well and that was encouraging.

This was the first trip I’ve had that has been a true vacation in almost twenty years! I mean that only in the sense that I am employed, and had to get things in order to go, not only at home, but also at work. Maybe, that stress got to me. I don’t know. I do know that I like to know what to expect that that was not part of the equation in heading out on this journey.


We only had, what I would call, loose plans.  We wanted to hike, enjoy each other’s company, see Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, canoe on one of them, take the Banff Gondola, and be safe. By all accounts, we were successful.  Not only did we do those things, my husband and two of my sons swam in a glacier fed lake, we visited another Triple D restaurant in Banff that served delicious food, and met some very nice people with whom we connected immediately!


These people were from Calgary, Australia, Britain, and Colorado!  We observed less obesity, smaller cars, casual dress, and gentility of manners. The Canadians are known for being nice. This trip proved them no different. As native Buffalonians, we visited Canada regularly and knew what to expect. We were served manners, politeness, patience, and hospitality.  I think we heard a car honk only once! We expected no less.

While our trip provided nourishment for the soul and senses, we did not see much wildlife.  This only means, of course, we will have to return. It will be a greatly anticipated trip. Of this, I am sure!

IMG_6345 (2).jpg
Visitor while we rested at the summit of Tunnel Mountain. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.

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