What’s on my nightstand? My Recent Book Choices.

I think that I’ve told this story before, but for those who missed it, I’ll repeat it since it’s short. One day, many years ago, a librarian at our small public librarian told me she was always interested to see what I checked out – that I had a varied and interesting taste in books. And, so it is true. (I just didn’t know anyone was paying attention.)

I can often be see browsing the children’s section of books, as well as novels, and non-fiction in the adult area of the library. In fact, I have a stack of books on constellations right now, some of which are early readers.  I don’t really care at all that they’re for children, if I like the subject matter of the book, I’ll borrow it or buy it.


I always have a book with me on vacation. I had one started, so I took it along. The title of it is The Song of Trees (2017) by David George Haskell.  The book attracted me because I am attracted to trees and the stories they hold. Each chapter focuses on only one type of tree, growing in its natural habitat in various places all over the world. The author weaves, seamlessly, a story of culture, biology, heritage, and in most cases, uncertain futures around the lives of these trees. If you know anything at all about trees you know they support other wildlife, often times in a way that is specific and intricately woven.

I returned from vacation about two thirds finished with the book. I am enjoying it very much. But, unfortunately, it is a book that is not easy to read unless one can give it full attention. After full days of hikes and fresh mountain air, I could only plow through several pages at a time before sleep came calling.

Books I had reserved at the library came in just before we left on vacation. I did not get there to pick them up, so they were returned. I’ve been twice now to retrieve two – The Overstory and Citizen Science: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction (2016). I hope to start the second of these tonight. Both promise to be interesting reads. The former title, The Overstory was a recommendation to me by a new acquaintance who is employed in a similar type of position in a nearby county. He runs nature oriented book talks for community members and stated that this one, in particular, was a hit, as well as being a great read.  I know there was a waiting list for this book, so I was lucky to get it and should read it before the other. Unfortunately, since both books are several hundred pages, one will most likely need renewal or return without reading.


Over the weekend, I met another lover of books and published author. she recommended a few other reads I’ll have to add to my list. Soon, I might not be able to find my bedside table. But, at least I’ll have a stack of books to keep me company.

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  1. I think I might like The Songs of Trees, adding it to my For Later shelf at the library. My husband read Overstory and liked it. Books are wonderful bedside companions. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of books I want to read!

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