Slice of Life Tuesday: Rushing to Judgement. Why?

Why do we rush to find fault with each other as people?

None of us are perfect. Are we?

What makes us quick to point out weakness or insufficiency or inadequacies?

This only serves to make one person feel bad and the other person, superior.

Is it really so important that you say tomato (to- may -toe) and I say tomato (toe-ma-toe)?

I honestly do not think so.

How many details are enough?

Some people like information with a lot of details. Some people don’t.  I try to keep my professional work brief, providing only the essential details – not too much and not too little.  However, I know I tend towards being verbose.  I do acknowledge it and try to keep it in check.

On the other hand, how many details are too few?

Personally, I’d rather have too many details than too few.  I have found that not enough detail leaves one wondering about why more information has not been provided. But, when one writes verbosely, it is unlikely there will be too few details.

Still, I might state the details differently than you. It doesn’t mean the way I do it is wrong.

Does more writing make you a better writer?

I think so. But, any writing subject to the approval of others, allows for the advent of criticisms. Again, does it matter if I say it one way and you say it another?

When I taught a writing group for children, I always allowed for creativity.

When they stated something differently than I would have done, as long as it got their idea across, I let it stand.

Do you want to have to continually defend your writing?

Probably not. I don’t either.

I write well. I write well enough. My words get the job done.

Enough said.

(But, I did just install Grammarly on my computer! I wanted to check myself!)


Just to make myself feel good about my writing tonight, I looked at my stats. I have 539 followers and have made 814 posts and had over 12,000 visitors since March of 2017 when The Apples in My Orchard started.  Since March of 2019, my blog has had over 1,000 views each month. I am on track to keep that statistic for August as well. Kudos to me. As the old (1979) Electric Light Orchestra song says, Don’t Bring Me Down!


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5 thoughts

  1. Those are some impressive statistics you just shared. I guess I’m lucky because I’ve never felt judged by this community. I hope your thoughts did not come from a place of feeling judged. I do know that I have lots to learn and Grammerly might help me. But, hopefully, this forum is one where we feel supported and nurtured. Keep writing!

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    1. Oh, no! My words were not generated by anyone in this community! It is wonderfully supportive here. It was related to something else entirely! I used Grammarly to confirm something I had written was okay- but now when I have my own doubts, as we all do, from time to time, I will turn to it. Thx for your comments!


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