Another trip, Another “Triple D” Experience!

Since we enjoyed our experience with a Triple D diner in Washington D.C. during June at the Carving Board, we decided to try and find another restaurant on our trip to Banff that had been featured on the Food Network’s show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Before we left home, I started this search online but only came up with a Farm to Table restaurant that sounded somewhat out of reach for our tastes as well as our budget.  We typically do not eat in a very fancy fashion and the thought of a steak at $50.00 a pop, while everything else on the menu al a carte, was somewhat shocking.

Banff can be rather upscale regarding the restaurant scene, and we have a family of five with healthy appetites. So, having breakfast in our condo worked well. Small lunches out were easily found at pubs. And, dinners ranged from pizza to the English style pub, Crown and Rose, as I wrote about in a previous post. There was a cool fondue place, but the local advisor from Calagary advised against it if we did not want to smell like oil for hours after eating.

But, by the end of our trip, I was on the hunt again for another Triple D restaurant that might have been featured on the Food Network show. After a short time, I found a place that seemed to have good reviews, the food we would like, and not break the bank. It was called Bear Street Tavern.

Of course, this was aptly located on Bear Street in Banff – a side street that ran parallel to Banff Avenue.  After looking over the menu online and reading a few reviews, we decided we could try it.  Upon finding it, (and finding a parking place – which can be very difficult in downtown Banff), we only had a 5-minute wait.  We were led through a lively, full modernly decorated restaurant in a streamlined way, with lots of wood and brushed nickel or chrome. Sports on a multitude of televisions competed with conversations for the attention of seating companions.  Our table was large, round, and in a corner. We could have fit 2-3 more people around it easily.

After looking at a menu, we made our choices. There are some things in Banff we learned that you just have to tolerate. Two of these are that a burger or a single size 11-inch pizza both go for $20.00 Canadian no matter where you go. Such was the case at Bear Street Tavern.

We had pork nachos, artichoke dip, a Windsor pizza, a meat lover’s pizza, and chicken wings.  All of our food was tasty but only the pizzas were outstanding!  In hindsight, it is what we all should have ordered for it is the “dish” the restaurant is known for. My eldest son ordered the Windsor pizza which was a thin-crust with a homemade tomato sauce base, pepperoni, pepperoncini, a slight amount of bacon (we believe), basil, garlic, and arugula with sparsely applied Italian dressing. He said it was delicious! I had only a tiny amount of the crust, which I dipped into the honey that was supplied to our table.


I’m not sure anything else at our table was as tasty and satisfying as the Windsor pizza. But, once again our visit to a Triple D restaurant was very palatable and satisfying! So far we are two for two when it comes to Triple D recommendations!

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