A Triple “D” experience in D.C.

While we were recently in D. C. We decided to try and get to one of the restaurants in the area that had been visited by Chef Guy Fieri of the Diners, Drive-in’s, and Dives television show on the Food Network.

I started by surfing the internet for how many such places there were in the D.C. metro area. Then, I limited the search to near where we were staying. Our hotel had a very centralized location, easily accessible to the mall, monuments, and metro. We’ve stayed at this hotel before and really found its location to be a great asset when staying in D.C. without personal transportation.

This parameter did not really limit the search results which stayed at nine. Plus, although we intended to walk we could get almost anywhere by the metro rail.

I then looked at the type of food offered by each establishment. Some, due to a teenager’s limited palate could be excluded. Slovakian, and a few other more exotic flavors were eliminated.

So, we ended up going to a place called The Carving Room. We walked. Our walk took about 15 minutes. We went through little china. Upon our arrival it was drizzling slightly. This was actually somewhat of a welcome relief to 90 degree temperatures with high humidity.

Upon entering, we noticed that The Carving Room was small. There were more tables outside than inside. The bar also had plenty of seating. The hostess seemed very busy and was seating a party of four who had entered just before us. They had two small children. We had three adults. The bartender waved my husband in but we weren’t sure he intended us. When the bar tender noticed that we didn’t respond, he made his way over to us.

Long story short, our service and food were fabulous!

My husband had the Carving Board Burger, which, he said was the best burger he’s ever had! His side was a small pickle bar – which you can see in this photo was a half pint jar filled with pickled vegetables! Yum! I ate most of that on him!

I had chorizo cigars which consisted of the spicy sausage wrapped in spring rolls and deep fried! Yum, again!

And our son had bacon cheese fries. He couldn’t finish these so he took them back to the hotel and ate them for a late night snack.


The Carving Room also features a draft beer list of some types we had not heard of before. I had a Southern Belle and my husband tried Raised by Wolves. Both were exceptional!

The waitress- there was only one- was on top of everything. She was busy waiting on each table. But, kept smiling and feeling the need to apologize for the busyness kept doing that as well. There was no need! We relaxed, watched a Gold Cup soccer game that featured Nicaragua and Bermuda, and thoroughly enjoyed our first Triple D dining experience! We’d definitely go back to this restaurant and recommend it to others! So, if your in D.C., stop by The Craving Room for a unique sandwich, great service, and a new to you draft beer! You’ll be glad you did- and your barkin’ dogs will also appreciate the rest!

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