Slice of Life: Today Held A lot of Firsts

Today was busy, but a good busy. The fact it was good is important due to a slight meltdown I experienced last night. I told my twenty-year-old I am going to have to start paying him counseling fees!

The First First

I started my day by driving an hour to a rural village where I was interviewed for a radio show related to my work at a local land trust and an event we are having on a piece of conserved property at the beginning of September.  It’s a yoga hike, where we will do some yoga (standing poses only) and hike to a lookout over a beautiful valley near the Kickapoo River.  The yoga instructor was interviewed as well.  I’ve never been interviewed in a radio station before!  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever been interviewed! Our hosts were welcoming and I felt at ease during most of it. But, when the hypothetical situations started to arise, I must admit I was unsure about what I was saying. I was trying to be evasive without seeming evasive. The good part of all of this was that it will expose more community members to our organization and I learned what I truly still have to learn regarding the organization for which I now work.

The Second First

After that, I did some work in a people’s food co-op that is really quite upscale and comfortable at the same time.  When an hour had passed, I had to be on my way to Iowa to visit another organization called Seed Savers Exchange.  Eventually, I’ll have to do a post on this subject alone because it was so awesome. But, for today, I’ll just tell you that it was the first time I had visited a seed saver organization. I went with the Master Gardener Group that I belong to as a member, even though I do not really know that many who are active now.  I am so glad I went. It was informative, beautiful, and enjoyable! Already, I want to go back!


The Third First

After our tour at the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, I drove through Minnesota to get home – back to Wisconsin.  The day was gorgeous – mild and sunny. That is, until, I reached southern Minnesota where a large gray stormcloud loomed on the horizon. Sure enough, after a few miles, the rain came. But, I drove right out of it.


Upon arriving home, I waited for my husband. He had gone to our cabin the day before yesterday and was detouring to Green Bay to pick up a nine-week-old Yellow Labrador Puppy! This is my first dog!  We welcomed Molly to our family today! She is so sweet!

Meet Molly! 

Three Great States but No Place like Home!

So, today, I made a huge circle as I traveled south and slightly east into the beautiful rolling hills of the Kickapoo River Valley. Then, I traveled southwest to the state of Iowa where the crop of corn reigns supreme. And, finally, I came north – northeast back to the Driftless Area of Wisconsin.  I drove through three states! But, this was not a first for me! I’ve written about driving through three states related to work before. It’s always an adventure! The mid-west is very beautiful but, you know the saying: There’s no place like home!


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