I Think I Love You!

A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying the last of my free 3 months of Sirius satellite radio by listening to 70’s on 7.  I enjoy this music as it takes me back to the days of being a young, carefree child.   Sometimes this station plays the same songs over and over but today’s offering was different, yet very familiar.

Suddenly, across the airwaves, I heard David Cassidy of The Partridge Family singing, “I Think I Love You.” The words of this iconic song instantly sprang to memory and I immediately began singing loudly on my commute. Thankfully, the windows were up, as my pitch is always off.

But, it brought a smile to my face to remember a song that I had enjoyed then (1971) and still enjoy now when I hear it (which is not often).

Strangely enough, this song also reminds me of riding my bike, a banana bike with a white seat, between our driveway and our neighbor’s. Round and round we’d go, singing this and other Partridge Family songs.  It was fun. We were outside. And, the music was stuck in our heads.

I actually have my original Partridge Family album that contains this song up at our cabin. We’ll be going there soon and I will have to turn it up and sing along. Now, I just need to find a banana bike!



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