Oh, Golly, Miss Molly!

You might have noticed I have not blogged much this week. There are a few reasons for this. One was that I had surpassed the last two years of blog views for the month of August.  This made me very happy, as I was not sure I was going to be able to do it. August seems to be a slow month for blog readership.

Another reason I did not blog as much this week was that we got a new puppy! Molly arrived on Tuesday night and has already been a great addition to our family.


However, her presence does not come with a new set of transitions. My youngest child will turn 18 this coming week and I now realize we have a new baby in the house once again. Our routines have been slightly altered to meet her needs – and set new routines that will help ensure that she develops good behaviors.  That said, we have been incredibly blessed by this puppy! She is so good – sleeping through the night since her arrival, we all get a good 8 hours of rest. She’s been waking between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. at which time my husband pops out of bed to take her out to go to the bathroom and for a short walk. Then, it’s into the house for breakfast and playtime.


Our two boys that are still at home are already attached to her, visiting for a kiss or snuggle when they come in from being out. I like that Molly is already bringing us together more as a family. This week we have all been in the same room more than we have in months! The puppy gives us something common to talk about, observe, laugh, and care for. Already, we all love her; I know this for sure.


So, some of my blogging time has been replaced by doggie time. My husband has been the main caregiver for Molly, as he is now retired, and I am at work. When I get home, I am taking my turn at watching her so he can finish cutting the grass or have a few moments without an energetic puppy in tow.


The other reason it was a busy week was that soccer season has started. Our youngest son is a soccer player and this is his fourth year on the Varsity team. We missed their first game on Tuesday due to my husband traveling to pick up Molly, and myself taking on the three-state drive I wrote about a few days ago.  But, Thursday was a home game and we took the puppy with us.

She was so well behaved! The sidelines of a soccer game can sometimes be a noisy place with lots of activity. But, Molly took it all in stride. I don’t think she barked once! And, it was only her second day of being on a leash! She got to visit with lots of people too – young, old, loud, and quiet. But, she did so with curiosity, not fear.


Today, I am writing from our cabin – of course, we took Molly with us.  She got to forage in the woods, sniff the soil, and see the calm stillness of the water.  I learned that puppies love sticks, digging in the dirt, and biting their leash when they don’t want to be led. Long walks were taken down our gravel country road, amidst the tall white pines, and wild raspberry patches. Molly knows the command sit already and is growing and changing right before our eyes – just like our boys did.


So, the reason I did not blog a lot this week was that I have been busy being a new mama to a wonderfully lovable puppy named Molly!

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