Key Phrases of Life

Teachers who post to the Slice of Life blog forum offered by pick their one little word (OLW) in January to guide them forward in the coming year. I have not done that with any success, yet. But, tonight I offer three key phases that I realize affect my life and how I live it. This is an introspective post that I hope you enjoy.

Life is short.  At 55 years of age, I am learning the reality of this.

Every time a person succumbs to tragedy,  I am reminded of this phrase.

Life is short.

We should listen carefully to what these three short words mean to us as individuals.

To me, it means that life needs to be lived fully for one does not know what tomorrow

might bring. If we’re lucky enough to have another day, what would you do with it?

Do you ask yourself?

I would and I have. More days would mean that I should

love and hug my children as deeply and as often as possible,

spend my days enjoying time with my husband in the life we’ve built together,

and enjoy what I have been given – awe of nature, the love, and support of family and

friends, and an ability to passionately educate on subjects in which I am invested.

Ahhhh – there’s another short guiding phrase.

Make a Difference.

Another three words that are heavily weighted with meaning.

Many listen to the call of this phrase as well. I know I have.

My life has been filled with purpose.  I am purpose-driven.

This has made me hard to understand and be understood over the years.

My passion has always driven my purpose.

It is education.

But, what if your passion does meet your assigned purpose.

Life is short.

Make a Difference.

Live your passion.

Sometimes it is best done if you follow the road less traveled,

reflect on the path you follow along that road and turn when necessary.

Not everyone can, but if you can, do.

Life is short.

Make a Difference

Live your Passion.

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