Poetry Friday: Weddings

White Wedding Dress.

Table Top Ferns of Green.

Comfortable shoes for dancing.

Favorite Comfort Foods Served.

The first dance –

Classic music gathers friends and family,

Glenn Miller’s In the Mood affects

old and young, alike.

Smiles all around.

Reusable straws gift us all – present or not.

Weddings reflect the bride and groom.

Their love

Visible for all to see.

Happiness Wished for





Today is Poetry Friday and this is my contribution. The blog that is hosting Poetry Friday this week is Writing World for Kids. Check it out! Thank you!


4 thoughts

  1. Just this past weekend, we celebrated the wedding of my daughter’s best friend – we’ve been family friends for 30 years, go camping together every year. Your poem described parts of the evening perfectly, tho’ she had orange blossoms instead of greens!

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    1. Hey, Peg! Nice! This wedding was on a Thursday! I didn’t get to the actual ceremony but when to the reception which was in The Pearl Ballroom! (Who knew?) Anyway, it was for a co-worker – great guy. His new wife is super nice and it was a lovely, albeit, non-traditional celebration! Glad you enjoyed the one you attended as well! Good to hear from you!


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