Blogging Milestones

The month of October was pretty awesome for my blog! I didn’t change anything I was doing, so I am not sure what to attribute the success to, but I am grateful in any case!

On October 8th, one of my blog posts from 2016 went crazy and had an additional 166 more views. The post was called, Outliers and the Gifted.  It was not reposted by me that day, so I am unsure as to why it was picked up. However, adding those views to the views from my post for the day, entitled Parents, I ended up with 194 views on October 8th, 2019! It is the most views I have ever had on any single day during the tenure of my blog.

This happy accident turned the whole month of October into the month with the most views ever for my blog, with over 1,400 views! The most my blog ever had before that was 1,200 views in a month. It was an awesome accomplishment.

In the last month, I have also considered starting another blog – one committed to community environmental education.  I’ve done some preliminary organization of the site, consideration of the topics to be covered, and evaluated different layouts and platforms.  I have a passion for the natural world, experience teaching about that world, and love to write – so it seems natural that I would pursue a digital avenue solely dedicated to the field of Environmental Education and my areas of expertise in that field.

In addition to the site allowing me to inform, which is one of the reasons authors write, it will also allow some networking and dissemination resources, some of which will be my own materials.

All things considered, I am taking advantage of this time to explore and expand my love for both writing and the environment. However, just to be clear, none of these pursuits are the reasons I recently resigned from my job. It was not truthful or right that some members of the organization were told working on the above projects and others (like a research paper publication) was the reason for my resignation.  I had other reasons, which were expressed and should have been shared. Do I wish things could have been different? Yes. Did I try to convey the need for things to be different? Yes.

But, we all know change is hard. Sometimes it is easier for things to sail along like they have for years – without even realizing how things could or should change. The desire to change was there (or at least it was expressed), but the actions did not support the desire. Answers such as “we’ve always worked with them” and “we have to do that event” do not constitute actions or desire for change.

So, instead of continuing to try to change others, I made a change myself. I left the organization and will continue to succeed in the field of environmental education with my blog, future projects, presentations, and reputation as an educator.  October was a milestone month for many reasons.

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