Slice of Life Tuesday: A Return to The Y.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday! It is on this day each week writers can share with others via the blog who host Slice of Life Tuesdays.  It is a supportive and welcoming environment filled with dedicated writers, authors, and teachers.

Today, I have been “retired” for a month. But, in the last month, I had three obligations to fulfill (by choice) for my former employer. I had committed to present or teach at both a Master Naturalist Training Day and Wetland Education Days. Both were very enjoyable – and I am glad I kept each commitment, even if it was as a volunteer and not a paid employee.  They both reassured me that educating community members about our environment is something I am both good at and want to continue doing in the future.

One thing I truly miss about working is a schedule. I like regularity and seem to use my time best when I know what I am doing and when I am doing it.  During October, it was not possible to set any kind of normal schedule for myself.  My husband was on a trip to Europe with his sister and we have a young puppy that I needed to attend to in his absence. My son’s soccer season was still in full swing which meant some traveling for games and playoffs.  The above obligations also took time to plan and attend. I also took a weekend trip to see a concert (Vince Gill) and an off-broadway production of Beautiful, The Carole King Musical with my oldest son. And, I was still working during the first week of that month. So, October was busy but not routine and not predictable and definitely not open enough to try setting a new schedule of my own.

As November approached last week, I was able to think about how much time I needed to pursue my personal interests, spend time with my husband, kids, family, and friends. I also knew I needed to resume some kind of formal exercise routine.  Exercising has never been something I’ve enjoyed so it has not been a constant in my life. But, as I get older, I realize that to stay as healthy as possible, I need to exercise regularly. This was reinforced by a recent physical exam where I found that currently my “numbers” (including vital signs, lipid levels, glucose, BMI, etc.) were all “looking good.” So, I talked to my husband about what my needs were for personal pursuits.

I came up with blocks of time I could pursue my writing, construction of a new blog, and publication of curricular materials. This amounted to 15 hours a week, on three separate days. Then, my husband suggested that we resume going to the YMCA together two to three days a week.  I agreed to his plan, which started this morning.

Shortly before 8 a.m., off to The Y we went. He had walked the dog. I had made our bed and emptied the dishwasher.  We were at The Y for about an hour and a quarter. My husband swam while I walked on the treadmill. We ran a few errands afterward. It was a successful start to my new schedule.

I’ll have three weeks to evaluate how well this worked for me.  Right before Thanksgiving, I travel to see my parents back in New York State.  When I come home, it will be Thanksgiving week. If the schedule works, I’ll resume in December. If not, I have plenty of time to tweak it.  But, in the meantime, I hope I enjoy The Y as much as I did today.

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  1. It always feels good to be up and about. I’m glad that you have an exercise buddy. Three weeks is enough time to establish a habit. I like that you’re making plans for your days.

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