Say Thank You… More than once! It matters!

A couple of years ago I took issue with a post by another blogger about the unnecessity of being thanked for good deeds or small tokens, like a candy bar. I did not comment publically but was very dismayed.  In essence, this author, who is an adult, said it didn’t matter if people said thank you or not. Really?!

Oh, I still heartily disagree!

Instead, I prescribe to another friend’s philosophy of gratitude. My friend, who is an active member of the local Rotary International service organization, believes that saying thank you is so important that you should say it often and not be afraid of repeating yourself. Now this, I agree with my whole heart.

And, it does not only apply to holiday time. Being gracious and stating one’s thanks is something that needs to be done all year long, on a consistent basis, for even the smallest of deeds or sentiments, and yes, even a candy bar!

There are a lot of “good deed doers” out there as the ol’ Wizard of Oz said in the iconic movie when speaking to Dorothy and her entourage.  But, I think – in fact, I know – for every good deed doer that receives recognition there are so many more that do not. And, maybe they do their good deeds because they want to and not to receive any recognition.  In fact, I am certain that is the case most of the time. These are people of integrity who are doing silent good deeds each and every day of the year and are rarely, nor do they expect, to be thanked. Or, for that matter even they are hardly ever even SEEN doing the good deeds.

So, can you imagine their delight when they receive spoken words or, even better, written words of gratitude!  It just reinforces the good in the deeds they are doing.

When you receive thanks for doing a good deed, you know what you did was appreciated. You feel valued. In turn, it makes you want to do more good deeds. No one else needs to know about it – your deed, your gift, your random act of kindness – but you and the recipient. And sometimes, it is well worth it to be anonymous. In those cases, you just know you did well by the person or community you were serving and leave it at that.

I know. Our family has publically done good deeds and privately done them as well. It is important to be thanked, regardless of whether it is public or private! So, if you receive a random act of kindness this season, an unexpected gift, even some kind words, or a candy bar at any time in the future, say thank you! It is important!



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