A New Year – Time to Review Blogging

Occasionally, it is beneficial to look at one’s blog stats to see how it is performing. I’ve been writing The Apples in My Orchard for almost three years now.  My writing continues to grow followers and regular readers from all over the world! I am humbled by the comments I receive as well as the support from friends and family, but most of all from strangers who seem to connect with my words or photographs. It is truly a small world and I am glad to feel this connection to others at home and in faraway places.

This year I consistently gained views each month as you can see when you view my stats.

Monthly Views vs. Month.png

I wrote 315 posts in 2019 which was actually down from 340 posts in 2018.  Since there are 365 days in a year, I wrote nearly every day. Sometimes, vacations and other obligations get in the way of a post being published but I think I have definitely established a writing habit.

From March of 2017 to December of 2019, I have published 929 posts and have had 16,374 visitors to my blog! Currently, have 576 followers. The day that has had the most views ever was October 8th of 2019. But, the reason this had so many views is unknown. The post of the day was not what was viewed. Alternatively, that day brought views to an old post from April of 2017 on Giftedness.  It must have been picked up by another site that brought viewers. This is very pleasing to know.

I consider my venture into blogging successful, even though I have a modest following. My writing is not perfect, nor do I need it to be. I want it to be, and believe it is, relatable to others. My Silent Sunday photo only blog posts are extremely popular. This also brings me pleasure and allows me to combine two of my many hobbies – writing and photography.

In March of 2020, I’ll have been blogging for three years. And, it will be sometime during that month, if I continue a daily writing routine that I will reach my 1,000th post!  I think this is a great cause for celebration! We celebrate 1,000th episodes of television shows, right? So, I think reaching 1,000 blog posts also deserves some special events. I will post more about that as the time nears!

In the meantime, I hope you continue to visit my blog, read those thoughts on which I contemplate and sometimes, ruminate, and relate to what I write.  Thank you for being part of my blogging journey thus far! I appreciate the loyal readership!

Happy New Year! 2020 is Here!

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