Poetry Friday: Labrador Puppy Haiku

Today is Poetry Friday! My haiku poems are inspired by our Labrador Puppy, Molly.  I have long been a fan of haiku poems and worked with children of all ages to write this type of poetry that reflects ones’ observations. My past haiku have all been based on the traditional subject of nature. But today, I was inspired to write about our 6-month-old puppy, Molly. She was spayed on January 3rd and has been patiently waiting to have her collar (commonly referred to as the cone of shame) off and stitches removed. Today is the day!

Teaching Place

Puppy knows her place

Where she waits for yummy treats

Please, her eyes say now



Growing Puppy Paws

Shake to say hello to you

Crazy five minutes


Cone of Shame

Odd Useful Hindrance

Snow Scooping Cone of Shame

A New Invention

Animal Love

I was once a cat

Now, I am a dog – person.

You light up our life.


Live Love Labrador

Labrador Puppy

Loves Energetically

Lives Life Eagerly


Frito Paw Doggie

Ew, You Need a Cleansing Bath

Today is the Day!




Today’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Reading to the Core. You can click on the link and read some wonderful poetic contributions! Thank you, Catherine, for hosting!



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