Lens-Artists Challenge #80: Leading Lines

Every so often I like to participate in photography the challenges offered by other bloggers on WordPress. Today, I found an interesting one on Travels and Trifles through a blog I follow by P.A. Moed.

One of the reasons I was particularly interested in this theme is that it opens itself to wide interpretation. I am looking forward to going to my photos to see what I can find that I feel will “fit the bill!”

While chaperoning a school trip to NYC in the spring of 2013, this photo was taken inside Radio City Music Hall during a tour. The lines decidedly point your attention towards the stage, even when there is no action taking place. This is contrasted by the lines of chairs awaiting the spectators.

Radio City Music Hall, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2013.

Taken at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Springs California, the lines of the arches and darkness, even during the daylight frame this photo looking out into the Mojave Desert in the fall of 2018.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

The cable lines of the Sulphur Mountain Gondola in Banff Canadian National Park are hard not to notice as you travel several thousand feet up to the observatory. The natural lines of the mountain ranges also call to one’s attention.

Banff Gondola on Sulphur Mountain, 2019.
IMG_5288 (1)
   Rugs and Columns in the US White House as seen on tour, 2019.           © Carol Labuzzetta.

Back to Sulphur Mountain, beyond the Gondola lies the lines of the observatory, the boardwalk, rails and their shadows. Even the clouds and trees draw you in with their naturally occurring lines.

Boardwalk to the Cosmic Ray Station on Sulphur Mountain. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019

If you do any reading on the geometry of our cities and buildings, Washington, D.C. will certainly be mentioned. Here is a photo from inside the White House looking out towards the Jefferson Memorial. I aligned the window frame with the columns on the white house exterior.

                              View from inside out at the US White House.                             © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019
Farms, Corn, Silos, and Wind Turbines. The Past and the Future. © Carol Labuzzetta.

There are many lines noted in the above photo, from the individual pieces of the silo to the stark contrasting edges of the dark window against the white roofed barn to the blades of the turbine. I do not think I realized it at the time, but lines drew me in white travelling to take this photograph. It is one of my favorites!

The simple line of the road on Mt. Haleakala Volcano, © Carol Labuzzetta, 2009.

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