Poetry Friday: Drabbles

Earlier this week I saw a post on writing micro-fiction. Since I tend to be verbose, this interested me. My eldest son, now 25 and in graduate school, took a microfiction course in his senior year of college.  Their charge was to write a story in 500 words or less. He told me it was challenging and we left it at that. I haven’t really thought about the micro-fiction since. This was two years ago.

Then, in a fit of having trouble falling asleep, I saw a post on writing pieces even shorter than 500 words! Here is the post I saw. But, the instructions come from a site called Online Course Lady at Oklahoma University. Since I am short on time today – we are getting ready to go to our cabin –  I’ll suffice it to say that a drabble is a piece of writing that is 100 words or less.

So, I tried it. I will share this knowing it is a work in progress….and, not finished yet other than meeting the 100-word requirement and having somewhat of a theme. I think that is the hardest part – staying cohesive and giving some meaning to the piece.

A dribble? A drabble? What makes a good fable? Characters you love, or love to hate, which one will finally meet their fate? Will it be by stabbing or bludgeon in the alley or dungeon?  How far off life’s path does the antagonist go? One misstep or many can lead them astray. Which will it be? Does the author say? Or, has the story already been told? To faithful readers, a fable might not it be, just some drivel, not even a drabble or dibble was written here, you’ll see. Just read and follow the clues, the protagonist? It’s YOU!

I obviously had some fun with wordplay, met the 100 word or less criteria, and turned it into a somewhat of a riddle-poem.  But, it’s a start for a verbose writer to tell a short tale.  Today is Poetry Friday and since this turned into a little free verse mystery setting poem, I am sharing it in the spirit of the day! Are you going to try writing a drabble? Or, any other kind of micro-fiction?

If so, let me know!















8 thoughts

  1. Love how you squeezed ‘drivel’ into writing about a ‘drabble’ & then questioned if it was really a ‘dribble’. Maybe I will try? Have a good weekend at the cabin!


  2. Dear Apples: Thanks for this post…I found the word play very amusing! I’m the kind of person who likes to look things up, so… did you know that a dibble is a small, hand held, garden tool used to make holes that seeds will go into? Yup! You learn something every day. To be honest, I thought it was a verb describing the way ducks eat. Hahaha. Anyway, you have given me several ideas for writing, and I thank you again. Bravo.

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  3. I really love six word stories! I think anything that makes us be intentional about word choice and wordplay is good! Wonderful to see what you have produced with your first drabble. (Great name, too, don’t you think?)

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    1. Yes! Thanks for your comments about wordplay and the drabble. I have to admit that I did not quite understand the six word story until I read the online professor’s instructions for micro fiction! I think when I am stuck for Slice of Life Challenge in March, I will try a six word story.


  4. I love the word play in this! I tend to be pretty terse (as my college composition professor described my writing), but the microficiton is a challenge indeed. Right now I am exploring haiku as a way of focusing on just one short moment from each day. Enjoy your time at the cabin!

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