The End of Our Time Together, #SOL20, Day 31/ Year 3

Today is the last day of the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers blog.  Thus, today I offer a small self-assessment of the experience.

  1. I enjoyed writing and connecting with other writers.
  2. Although I usually do not overthink my daily posts, for some reason, this month I did do that on occasion. Overthinking can be both good and bad.
  3. I am very consistent at writing but irregular at commenting. I apologize for this. I have been trying to get in my three comments a day to other bloggers and more than once commented on more than three blogs. But, I do believe there were a few days I did not comment on three. It might average out to three a day but making three comments every day, was a goal that was not entirely met. I do reply to each comment I receive, although that might not be as timely as I would like, either. I am grateful for everyone’s patience.
  4. I started on a poetry compilation for publication.  Today, that work continues.
  5. I was inspired by other writers, their passion, and their expressive abilities.
  6. I am grateful for being able to celebrate my 1,000th blog post this month and sharing that celebration with the Slice of Life Community!
  7. It was nice reconnecting with other slicers from years past!
  8. Although I enjoyed this month, I am not sad to see it end.
  9. My hope for all Slicers is that we continue to write especially during this time of uncertainty and isolation. Words can bring comfort to those who seek it and to those who write.
  10. I hope to “see’ many of you on Slice of Life: Tuesday throughout the year!


7 thoughts

  1. We set goals and we try our best to achieve them. Just writing every day is an achievement. I didn’t meet that one! See you on Slice of Life Tuesdays.

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