Hi = A Smile

This morning I started a post about old posts. I worked on it for a while and then decided to do something else – something on my “to do” list.  I finished a draft of a biography I need for an upcoming presentation in June. I was not happy with it. Writing a biography or “bio” is hard! What might be important to you, might not be important to the group you are speaking to in my opinion, so each time I end up writing a “new” bio. I am not sure that’s necessary at all! So, I wrote my contact person and told her that I’m working on it.

But, then something nice happened! I got an unexpected email from one of my past writer’s circle students! She is now in 7th grade – I had her in Writer’s Circle 3 years ago! Receiving that message brought a huge smile to my face! It was just the best thing ever! She wanted to know if I remembered her. (Of course, I do!) She also wanted to let me know she is still writing! (I am so happy to hear that she is still writing as she was very talented – even as a third grader!)  And, she said she wanted to ask me a question! But, then didn’t leave one.

I am going to email her back now! It is exciting to know that students remember their teachers – even when they only see them once a week (such as our case for Writer’s Circle). It really made my day to hear from her!

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