The Need for A Nap!

PSA: This blog is being temporarily interrupted for a nap!

For the last two nights in a row, insomnia has visited me again. I know the reasons. Do I wish to share? No. But, I definitely am feeling the effects of this visit; I am tired, today.

Do you nap? Do you find naps helpful?

Truthfully, I would rather not nap during the day. But, sometimes it is necessary. I am also a person who sleeps when stressed. There can be no doubt that we are all stressed by the current circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted each of our lives. This disruption has come in many different forms.

But, to me, it has also really highlighted what’s important – and the many things that are not!

Family, Friends, Health, Love, Warm Shelter, Food. If we have these things, we are doing well. If we can also feel empathy and compassion for others, we are doing even better.

Not much else matters.


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