Poetry Friday: White – Another Color Poem



White is a marshmallow,

       All soft and chewy.


White is a cloud, All wispy and bright.

White is the color of a blinding snowfall at night, when

you trip over your snowman who gives you a fright.


I see visions of ghosts at Halloween, and

 skeletons, too, with a brilliantly blinding scheme.


You cannot go wrong with White

       For it matches, matches everything in sight!


White is the color of cotton sheets and a new softball,

       the plate in front of the catcher’s mound, for all.


A new baby’s Christening blanket, velvety sweet,

       White makes me think of all those scallops

I love to eat!


White carnations in the happy groom’s tuxedo,

is something to celebrate instead of the torpedo.


White is the smell of peppermints in a box,

       Freshening all who partake after lox.


Easter Lilies adorning the alter anew,

white is a witness for all good and true.


Some might not consider it a color at all,

but white is what works when no others come to call.


Nurses, Lilies, Infants, a Fresh snowfall and more,

White is a color that should never ever bore.

So welcome white to your world like no other,

It won’t fail you, but be true just like your own





Today is Poetry Friday. It is hosted this week by my juicy little universe on Blogspot. Earlier this week, the Slice of Life Challenge ended where bloggers had the chance to write daily for the month of March. The Slice of Life Challenge continues on Tuesdays throughout the year. Please check twowritingteachers.org for information on joining that supportive community of writers.






13 thoughts

  1. We had quite a lot of white last Friday, fast snowstorm, now gone. Love reading all your ‘white’ celebrations! I’m now looking for some coral bells in my garden!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Snow?! Well, I hope that is almost done – although the last two Aprils we have had snowstorms here – we’ll see. I didn’t put the hats and gloves away yet! I love coral bells! Enjoy!


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