Make A Cafe Latte at Home? Sure!

Last year, when I worked for 8 months at a local Land Trust, I stopped most mornings that I headed into work for a latte. Drinking a latte 3-4 days a week was the one way I got milk into me.  I am not a fan of this dairy-derived beverage;  I never have been. I love cheese and ice cream, but just not milk. I know it sounds kind of odd, and probably is. After all, I’ve lived in two great daily producing states – New York and Wisconsin for most of my life. Both places have award-winning dairies producing numerous delicious products from their milk. While I recognize that and enjoy some of those products immensely, I just don’t like milk.

Image by Soner Köse from Pixabay

However, when I discovered that I could enjoy a plain latte – one without sugary, calorie adding syrups – I figured it was a win for me. I could get my morning caffeine and a serving of milk at the same time. Before I started to work, my latte habit when from enjoying an occasional cuppa at one of the local coffee houses with a friend. In between, I would supplement my desire for a latte at the local convenience store. I found it just as satisfying and about half the cost of the name brand, drive-up coffee shops that we have here. This convenience store latte became my go-to stop on my way to work last year.

I resigned from my position last October. My latte-drinking habit significantly decreased. From October until March, most weeks I had one or two lattes from the convenience store on my way into town to run errands. Then, the month of March arrived and along with it the COVID-19 Pandemic. The convenience store was going to stop all self-service foods and drinks. My latte-drinking days were over, temporarily, at least! I did not need one so badly that I had to go to the store and have their employee make it for me – which was an option.

Shortly into April, I started talking about buying an espresso/cappuccino/latte machine. I was turned off by two factors – the price and the fact I’d have yet another “thing” sitting on my kitchen counter. So, I let the idea go. Exactly two times since March 16th, I’ve gone through the drive-up window at one of our local coffee houses to get my latte fix. Since they are not close to my home, it was only done on one of the very few days that I felt the effects of being confined – cabin feverish – you might say.

As I looked further into machines that would give me a hot latte, I saw a gadget called a milk frother. Depending on the brand, these ran from 35 – 75 US dollars.  I decided to ask for one for Mother’s day from my husband. He asked me to pick one out and just get it ordered. So, I picked a middle of the road model with great reviews and got it. I was late doing this, so I didn’t get the milk frother until yesterday.

But, I had a surprise along the way. On Mother’s Day, I received an Aero Press, Coffee Maker, Espresso, and a mug from my sons!  Between Sunday and Friday, I’ve been enjoying lattes made with my new press and milk, gently heated on the stove.  Yum!


So, you can make a delicious latte at home without spending hundreds of dollars on a machine that sits on your counter!  Stop back next Saturday and I’ll show you the steps involved as well as the products I am using to make my home cafe latte! Don’t worry, I am not being paid for my review nor am I endorsing the products, but just sharing a yummy way to enjoy a favorite cafe-style beverage at home! We all need a little yumminess in our life right now – and I need my servings of milk!


Plus, this is a great way to continue to practice my Italian (I’m on a 56-day streak)!

Un caffè latte, per favore!




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  1. Wow, the pleasure you’ve gotten from that gift shines through your writing so brightly! Lattes are a pleasure I enjoy as well, and I agree with how you “take” yours. Sometimes I get the strangest looks when I ask for a “latte latte” as in, no thank you for syrups! I hope you continue to enjoy your gift for a long time!

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    1. Thanks! I really did appreciate this gift and am learning how to use it well. I do not have a latte daily but its now so easy to make at home that I enjoy this affordable and fun option of not having to go out for one. Where’s your favorite place for a latte latte?

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      1. Well, I haven’t had one in a few months now. Sigh. But, when I did, there’s a small independent place called Flint River Coffee here in Huntsville. I pass it on the way to one of my schools. I’m also known for sharing one with the lady in green on occasion.

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      2. I love independent coffee shops! We used to have one in our town that was called the Blue Cup. She opened a second location and it was too much – went out of business. I still miss it very much. Usually, I’ll go to Caribou Coffee if I’m meeting someone for a latte. Starbucks tends to be too strong for me. Who is the Lady in Green? I’m sorry if this sounds ignorant but I really don’t know.

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