Kettle Corn! Come & Get It!



Pop……Pop…Pop, Pop…. Pop, Pop, Pop!

Popcorn! Come & get it!



Who doesn’t like a bowl of fresh-popped corn?

It’s become a tradition, while at our cabin, to make popcorn. This started several years ago when I bought a countertop popcorn machine. My boys think we’ve had the machine for six or seven years.

In any case, our middle son usually takes charge of the popcorn making because he makes kettle corn. Kettle corn is sold at festivals and art shows in our region.  My husband participated as an artist in a local, university-sponsored show about six years ago. The booth he was assigned was near the “Kettle Corn” guy.

The kettle corn guy was both amusing and annoying. He’d give a whoop and holler accompanied by vigorous cowbell ringing when a new batch of corn was done to alert customers to visit his booth while it was hot and fresh. This was funny at first but when you are a fellow vendor at the show, you hear it repeatedly. And, it wears out.

In any case, the kettle corn wasn’t cheap, but it was delicious! He sold out nearly every year we attended the festival! This started our own quest to make kettle corn, aided by the old-fashioned popcorn popper!

I’ve stayed out of it and don’t even know the recipe. But I know it involves garbage bags (clean/new), lots of butter, salt, and sugar. Shaking the garbage bag once all the ingredients are added is essential.

It is all very much a production but one that leaves our tummies full, our cravings satisfied, and the kitchen a little greasy.

In a year when we are void of summer festivals, making kettle corn in our cabin’s kitchen will do just fine.





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