Poetry Friday: National Park Haiku

Lately, I’m all about National Parks! On Monday I started a returning blog series exploring the National Parks to which we have visited. The first park to be explored was Haleakala National Park on Maui.

Secondly, I am working on a National Parks quilt that is turning out to be huge! I was just sewing the borders on the edges this morning when I saw the panel for Joshua Tree National Park.  It inspired the following Haiku:

Joshua Tree

Oh, Joshua Tree

Your prickly arms cannot hug

Tall in the desert


This got me to thinking about haiku I could write for the other National Parks on my quilt. There are eight panels, each honoring one of our beautiful national parks.


Rocky Mountain National Park

Longs Peak fills the sky

Jagged, Smooth, Green, Snow-Covered

Even in July


Haleakala Volcano

Brown sleeping giant

Rising above the ocean

Otherworldly sight


The Everglades

Corkscrew Swamp Refuge

Gators, crocks, a turtle, too.

Water Everywhere



Horizon of stone

Timeless landscape beckoning

Layered for eons


Great Smokey Mountains

Shrouded in dense fog

Lifting to reveal emeralds

Living forest gems


White Sands

White like snow but not

Treasure in New Mexico

Still harboring plants


There are a few panels on my quilt that we have yet to visit. And, many more parks that beckon us. I will continue to compile my National Parks haiku. They will help me to remember the beauty that our country holds. A beauty we must preserve.

Today is Poetry Friday. It is hosted by Bookseedstudio. Thank you!




6 thoughts

  1. This is a fabulous collection. Corkscrew Swamp is my favorite! When I went there, there was very little water. But, still a great visit. I want to see this quilt you wrote about.

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  2. I LOVE that you are making a national parks quilt. How very cool.
    Did you see the Planet Earth about deserts? Your haiku that mentions “still harboring plants” makes me want to watch that again.
    l especially like the line “horizon of stone.” Beautiful!

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    1. Thank you so much! No, I have not seen that episode of Planet Earth. I will have to look to see if I can get to it on streaming. I’d like to see it now. I appreciate knowing which lines of the haiku spoke to you!


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