Poetry Friday: 1962 Ford

Today is Poetry Friday.

I was not sure I would write today as we are headed into a busy weekend at our house. Tomorrow is graduation, following COVID guidelines and much delayed, our youngest will officially complete high school and enter the next chapter of his life. There will be a small, family-only, celebration at our home.

But, last night my husband offered to take me for a ride in the 1962 Ford Unibody truck that he’s slowing been rebuilding over the last few years.  It’s been a fun and unusual project for him since he has never done this type of vehicle work before.  I focused my poem on this today.



Jim’s Truck

Cobalt Blue or Pepsi can, too

A rebuilt project for your birth year.

Will it run? Or, have some problems, at least a few?

Fun to ride, not to fear.


A Ford, 1962, not a relic but made to last,

a fun reminder of the way things used to be.

Rolling down the highway, shaking a just little as we go fast.

Wind the windows down by hand, so you can see

Far across the fields, little kids waving as we go past.


The steering is hard; I can see as you turn the wheel.

Pulling and veering to keep us on track.

But, the fun remains, providing good “feels,”

rolling towards home, up the tarred driveway so black.


A unique bed of black walnut and a new coat of blue,

with a white dashboard and a new glove compartment, too

completes the body, which for a time was untrue.


Ford unibody truck, a good project you’ve been,

for a husband who’s handy and learns quick,

to rebuild and fix, replace and mix

wires and solder to make it all stick.


A new life for a truck that’s been through the mill,

still able to take us

around and over the hill.

Fun for a ride as unexpected as it might be,

pride for you and joy for me.


As I looked for a “famous” truck poem to post with mine, I thought of another idea to include with this post. 1962. It was a long time ago. Recently, several of our friends turned 60. What was life like back in 1962? Here’s some of what I found…..

Cost of a new home……….$18, 200.00

Cost of a stamp…….                         .04

High Dow Jones…..                  767

A gallon of regular gas                  .31

A gallon of milk                               .49

A dozen eggs                                    .54

Interesting, huh?


This week’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Reflections on the Teche, 

Thank you for providing a place to post our poetry this week!


One thought

  1. I love it! We also attended a family only graduation this week…and our graduate is looking at three out of five classes at college being virtual. So weird! I have enjoyed seeing folks’ ‘pandemic projects’ which isn’t really your husband’s truck. But, has he had more time to work on it as of late? I love that Pepsi can blue color…and the new glovebox (such a silly necessary detail). It’s funny how we find new/interesting ways to celebrate. We had Thai food take out and a spectacular Boston Cream Pie. lol. Many congrats to your graduate. I cannot even comprehend a stamp costing only 4 cents.


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