Coasting into the Past

It’s been a slow day. I’ve had no get up and go, no motivation, no energy. It happens.

I did manage to do one load of laundry, pull some zinnias and petunias our of our garden beds that line the driveway. But, by the time I did that it was almost 3 p.m..

This morning, I started a blog. It was a Throwback Thursday type of post featuring music that inspires me. After listening to several songs, I abandoned the post. It’s not that it wasn’t good, I just didn’t feel like pursuing it. I love the first song I picked, but beyond that I didn’t feel like sharing. Maybe, it did the job for me, and I didn’t need to write more about songs that inspire.

YouTube Video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

All day I toyed with going to the bookstore. Not an indie style bookstore, where I might find something cool and worthwhile. No, the large Barnes and Noble and is attached to our dying mall. But, here’s the thing – our pandemic numbers in Wisconsin are sky high. We are now the epicenter of the virus in the country! Who would have thought? I just couldn’t bring myself to go further than the local branch of our bank and the drive-thru window. I felt like hunkering down, so I did. There’s just so much I truly don’t understand right now, so I consciously withdrew from anything that was outside my home bubble.

Later this afternoon, before starting dinner, I went through the top drawer in my beside table. This took me down memory lane! There were bookmarks made by my kids, about a dozen pair of old eye glasses, a weather radio, letters from a parent whose child is now deceased, a crumbled high school graduation ceremony program from 2013, a letter to the tooth fairy, and a box of costume jewelry I kept from both of my grandmothers.

I slowly sifted through the pieces. One piece, in particular, I remember my maternal grandmother wearing on her winter dress coat. It was a gold pin, twisted into the shape of a loose bow. It wasn’t marked with the maker but I wouldn’t be getting rid of that piece anyway.

I found several Avon rings, a couple of bracelets from the same company, a Monet butterfly pin from the 1950’s, another butterfly pin from the Sarah Coventry designer from the 1970’s. a Laguna brand multi-stand crystal and gold plated necklace, and more. All of it brought back memories.

Reluctantly, I put most of the pieces back in the drawer and went to make dinner. But, as soon as I was cleaned up, I was drawn back to the jewelry. I had left a few select pieces out on my dresser. I was curious. I sat down and learned about the Monet butterfly, the Sarah Coventry butterfly, two Avon rings, and an Avon Bracelet. The Laguna brand necklace was not to be found in an online search (yet).

Today, I coasted. I coasted into my own past. I coasted by being relaxed and hunkering down in my own abode. I think sometimes we all just need to coast.

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