Slice of Life: Snowing, Shipping, Shopping, and Sewing

This week is cruising along! Today, again, I’ve gotten so much accomplished.

A trip to the post office was needed to mail out both jewelry and masks to buyers. I’ve made jewelry since 2009 and fabric face masks since – well, you know when, this April. In addition, I needed to mail thirty new pieces of jewelry to an art gallery in Iowa where I have successfully consigned my pieces for the last six years.

I had planned a trip to the gallery for this week, but since the COVID case numbers are sky high in both Wisconsin and Iowa, I let the gallery know I would be mailing my inventory instead. They understood. I was further relieved that I did not have to make the trip today, as it is snowing quite heavily out.

While I was out, I ran a few more errands. I shopped last night on the Kohl’s website and had my purchases delivered to the store (for free). I picked them up this morning. I really have to say, I like this method of shopping! I am a serious, no-nonsense shopper. I don’t care to browse. I know what I want and go to get it. So, further limiting my time wandering around a store works well for me! I’ll continue to shop this way and/or have things delivered throughout this season and probably, beyond!

Besides the snow, shipping packages out, and the shopping, I finally bought my new sewing machine! It’s a singer – how’s that for more alliteration?






As many of you already know, I’ve sewn hundreds of fabric face masks, a National Park themed quilt, and started six roman shades (another ‘S’) for our cabin. I’ve been using my maternal grandmother’s 1969 Sears Kenmore to do all those projects. It’s working fine, but needs some maintenance. My husband, pleased with my return to sewing, urged the purchase of a new machine as my anniversary present back in July. I’ve been dragging my feet like the feed dogs on the machine, gripping tightly to grandmother’s appliance. But, after having some issues with the thickness of fabric the other day, where I broke a needle and severely bent another, the time had come for me to get my anniversary gift!

Over the course of the last week, I’ve been snooping around shops online to decide on which sewing machine I would get. I had decided on a heavy duty Singer, but had yet to order it.

Today, I went to the fabric store to get some more mask fabric (of course) and guess what they had in stock? Sure thing, right in front of the cutting station, were stacks of Singer (and, Brother) brand sewing machines!

So, I stacked my fabric on top of the machine and secured the sewing machine by checking out! Seriously, I am stoked! And, I only got a little soaked from the snowstorm!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Today, is Slice of Life: Tuesday! Thank you to TwoWritingTeachers for hosting this supportive weekly forum in which we can share our writing slices and adventures!

4 thoughts

  1. “I am a serious, no-nonsense shopper.” I’m the same way. The snow looks beautiful too. It was cloudy & overcast here but all that will come from it is rain all day tomorrow. The Singer machine brings back several memories of my grandmother & her sewing several of my dresses for church & picture day at school.


  2. “I’ve been dragging my feet like the feed dogs.” I love that line. Your slice brought back memories of learning how to do as a teen on a Sears Kenmore sewing machine. It was even in a furniture cabinet! Thanks for sharing. Happy sewing 🧵 and Happt Thanksgiving. 🦃


  3. I (also) had a chuckle over your ‘dragging feet like the feed dog’ and enjoyed your alliteration…seriously. It’s very hard to ‘let go’ of a trusty sewing machine because today, you just don’t know how reliable and dependable a new product may be…but Singer rings true and is the only machine I sew with. Enjoy your new sewing endeavors.

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    1. Thanks! This was a fun post to write. I am a little tentative about starting to use the new machine. But, I think, in the end, it will serve me well. I’ll still keep the old one just in case (and, for sentimental reasons)! Thanks for stopping by!


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