Poetry Friday: Tom Turkey

Image by Hannah Edgman from Pixabay

Tom Turkey said, gobble, gobble

as he took a small wobble

towards the shiny fence

that cost more than a few pence.

A young child approached

sure the perimeter could be broached

at least by my finger

while I linger

thought the child.

The tall man said,

do not put your finger in the pen.

Tom Turkey is not like a hen

he’ll bite it before you can say when!

But, the small child did as he pleased

and without much ado or having to squeeze

he stuck his finger in with ease.

Sure enough, Tom was near

as he wobbled to the fence without fear

and bit the child’s finger with as much vengeance as a bear.

“Ow, I was bit,” the shocked young child yelled.

and before moving on, the smile on face of the tall man swelled!

I told you not to put your finger in the pen

But, as they stood, the child did it again.

The man turned with his son and walked away from the turkey,

soon, he gave some advice, and it was to not act like a jerky!

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

This poem recounts an event that happened over twenty years ago at a Fourth of July party we attended on the farm of a friend. Turkeys were behind some chain link fencing and a visible attraction to anyone in attendance, especially the children. Many of the children were left to run around, unattended, and the story poem recounts what happened to one! Ever since, we’ve been weary of the bite of the turkey!

Today is Poetry Friday! Thanks to Carol’s Corner for hosting the roundup today. Please visit her page to read more great poetry and a book review. I hope everyone in the Poetry Friday community had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I was grateful for many things but for also taking the day off from writing my blog.

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    1. Hi Laura, I’m glad you enjoyed the poem! I did realize that I had mistakenly linked the wrong poem, although I’m not sure exactly how I did that. I did miss some readership because of it, however. Oh, well! My hope is that it will be enjoyed by those who see it! Thanks!


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