A Little Niceness Goes a Long Way Right Now

My husband makes a daily stop at one of our convenience stores. He’s gotten to know the staff – not really by stopping but because he was the company physician for a while. And, one of our sons worked at this older branch of the store for slightly over a year. One of the store employees told my husband today that she is tired of “nasty” people.

This revelation, a few minutes ago, led me to saying I was trying to over compensate when dealing with people in positions that deal with the general public. I had just returned from grocery shopping. I told my husband that when I am out – grocery shopping or at the post office or picking up a few gifts ordered online – that I try very hard to be cheerful and polite to those working to serve the community.

No one needs nastiness right now. No one. Please, as you go about your business, treat others with respect and politeness. I know we are all frustrated. Hopefully, we’ll get through this winter and be stronger and more resilient next year.

You know, I am trying (very hard) not to judge. I want, and actually, need to travel. My parents live in New York State. They are in their early 80’s. I so want to go see them. But, it is really not safe to do so right now. And, New York State has made it plain that they don’t want “outsiders.” It was a state always filled with bureaucracy and, still is!

My husband and I are both retired. We planned to be visiting National Parks, the first of which was White Sands in New Mexico last February. White Sands is our country’s newest National Park. But, there are so many others I want to visit. Now is not the time.

Please do your part.

Stay home.

Socially distance.

Wear a mask when you are out in public.

If you need one, I am making affordable fabric face masks that are washable and attractive. They can be found in my Etsy shop at: Carol’s Jewelry Orchard. There are customer reviews offered as well, if you are unsure. I’ve donated close to 300 masks to our local community. I wholeheartedly believe in our efforts to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus by wearing masks. I am a former Master’s prepared advanced practice nurse. We need to mask up. Many of us are, and I thank you for your efforts.

But, considering we are all tired of the status quo, we also need to be kind to one another.

As I left the grocery store today, an older gentleman (late 70’s to early 80’s) , teased me in the parking lot about the amount of food I bought. I laughed and agreed that I had bought the “whole store” as he put it. He was parked next to me and as we both finished putting our groceries into our vehicles, he offered to take my cart for me and store it in the cart corral. I was slightly shocked and politely declined saying something about needing to take the steps.

But, what I was really thinking is that this polite, older, chivalrous gentleman was putting himself at risk by offering to take my cart – a cart I had touched for the the last 45 minutes! Do I think I’m infected with COVID? No. But, I know enough to realize there are asymptomatic carriers out there. I definitely did not want to infect this kind. older gentleman IF I happen to be one of those people.

Unfortunately, I think I offended him by declining his offer. When I wished him a nice day on my way back from the cart corral, he looked grumpy and didn’t respond to me.

Oh, well. I kept him safe. I was polite.

That’s about all we can do for each other right now.

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