Poetry Friday: The Neighbor’s Cat


Shortly after noon

I see you

Head up the hill

Towards the house

Your house

Not mine.

Your small white frame

Moves slowly


Visible to all

Who care to notice.

Is your belly full

From a night of hunting?

Have you had your fill

Of mice, or nothing?

I envy you

Neighbor cat

It seems that

Nothing has changed

In your world

Only in mine.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2020.

Today is Poetry Friday. Our round up is hosted by Frankie and Mary Lee of A Reading Year blog. Both are fifth grade teachers and published authors. Thanks to them and the others who host throughout the year , we have a supportive community with whom to share our writing.

15 thoughts

  1. Carol, we have several neighborhood feral cats whom we enjoy seeing each day. I, too, enjoyed reading your poem and the interesting ending. Best wishes to you for a joyous month despite the pandemic. Everything is so different this holiday season.

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  2. We in our neighborhood also have a “neighbor’s cat”, though black, and who comes by for a pat once in a while. I never know when, but it appears sometimes and greets, then travels on. Your poem shows our year with few words, but a wise observation. Terrific!

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  3. Exactly what Laura Purdie Salas said!!

    We have a couple of neighborhood cats who use our yard as a throughway (and sometimes a chipmunk smorgasbord). I often wonder where they go home to, and what they do with all of their time!

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