Throwback Thursday: Snowstorms

The doorway of the Steinheim Castle at Alfred University shines in the darkness on a snowy campus. November 2018. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018.

The Davis Memorial Carillon at Alfred University stands tall in the snowy darkness on campus in November of 2018.

We drove in for a visit in a ranging snowstorm! No boots, no mittens, not hats….we were not prepared!

It was early for such a significant snowfall, even in the southern tier of NYS.

We heard the bells the next day. Always a welcome sound in this beautiful valley.

2019 brought some snow to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the Timm’s Hill Trail, part of the state’s Ice Age Trail.

Cross country skiing is picturesque on these groomed trails.

The hills, while gentle, might still throw you into a snow pile if you get going too fast, though!

Cross country skiing over bridges like this in the Northwoods of Wisconsin makes for a beautiful snowy experience! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019.

Now, that’s a lot of snow!

Looking out the windows, whether it be from inside your house or car, at the snowy winter world always makes me feel warm, and grateful.

Coming from Western New York, huge snowfalls like the one some locations back East had last night, was not uncommon for us. Enjoy a couple throwback Thursday photos from January of 1999! Buffalo got three feet of snow in 24 hours! My husband and I were stranded in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada! We had planned an overnight getaway and my parents had travelled from Rochester to Buffalo to watch their grandson. While we were away, the whole area got buried in a lake effect storm! It took a couple of days to dig out, even after we got home! Living on a small side-street, we were not plowed out right away forcing my parents to stay an extra day or two.

Sometimes, a good snow storm can be fun! And, if it’s not fun, it can be beautiful!

And, if all else fails, you can come back to the present and watch the dog enjoy the snow!

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    1. Yes! The table serves as a great measuring stick, as long as it’s not blowing around! I wish we had more snow last week while we were at our cabin. We could have skiied…but the winter is young! I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities!


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