Poetry Friday: White Sparkly Inspiration

Today is Poetry Friday and my post was inspired by the colorful blue and white page of photographs adorning our home calendar this month. Each year I make calendars for our immediate family. They are filled with the special moments that occurred the year or sometimes, just the month, before I work on them, as was the case this year.

Several years ago, I decided to not worry about making the calendars at the end of the year. For ten years or more, I was making them in December to send out as part of the Christmas packages. One year, I just couldn’t get it done and I ended up making them in February and sent them in March. This didn’t seem to phase anyone. And, I was smart – still making the calendar for 12 months. It just ran from March to March, instead of December to December! Ah! What a wise move! I left it that way because it just takes the pressure off at a busy time of year!

When I made the calendar for 2020, it was February and we had just returned from a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Surely, I had to include some of those photographs! Among my favorites were those from our day trip to White Sands National Park. White Sands was made our newest National Park in December of 2019, and protects some of the largest gypsum fields in the world!

Perhaps you can start to see where I am going with this! White Sands National Park is just that – a unique landscape and ecosystem that exists on white sand! It is stunning! And, the white sand is so white it looks like a snowy landscape! In looking at the photos on my calendar for December 2020, I noted that the landscapes were virtually indistinguishable but included both our snowy yard last winter and a shot from White Sands last February.

Our family calendar. At first glance, it is hard to tell which photo is of sand, and which is of snow! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2019-2020.

My observation led to today’s poem:


A Speck

of Sparkle!

Sand ?


Snow ?

Glistening White.



Toe ?


Boot ?

That go forth





Elusive ?

To be

Washed Away ?

Or Melt ?

By the

Sun ?


Tides ?

There’s Nowhere

to Hide!

A Speck of


Today is Poetry Friday! Our round up is hosted by the talented illustrator and author, Michelle Kogan! Please visit her page to read poetry and if you have some to share, join the round up! Thanks for hosting Michelle!

Please note all the photos on this page are my own. © Carol Labuzzetta. There is no permission to reproduce in any fashion, digital or otherwise. Thank you!

12 thoughts

  1. What a wonderful way to find a poem. I love the reverso form….and look, you’ve created a beautiful reverso! All those “s” sounds make it pretty….sand, speck, sun, eluSive. This is a perfect form for something that looks like it’s opposite. Clever poem.

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  2. Thanks for your gorgeous post Carol, the pics are beautiful! I actually visited White Sands many years ago, I’m from and live in Chicago. But at the time I visited it, I was living in Colorado. It’s incredible there, almost surreal. Lovely poem too, I like how you assembled it on two sides of the images. I also agree with Carol, love the birch image!

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    1. Michelle, thank you for your comments! I live in Wisconsin, so the landscape of the SW was a very different experience but I would definitely visit again – next time – White Sands AND Carlsbad Caverns! Thanks for your kind words about the photo, too!


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