Vaccination Matters

I am with my elderly parents. They are old enough to be next in line to get the COVID vaccine. But, the receipt of important information is not coming easily. The turn to technological dissemination of essential health information has left our seniors behind. Portals, apps, and cell phones have replaced the way many of us receive information. Many seniors do not use those digital accessories or know how to find reputable sources of information if they do.

Over the years, my parents have stopped watching local news and rely on one of the major 24/7 cable news outlets for their information. Unfortunately, this does not tell them how to get the vaccines locally that they are now eligible to receive. They stopped getting the local newspaper. At least this is what we think. The story version is told differently about this by each my mom and my dad. As of yet, we have not seen a newspaper in the house.

I’ve been going online for the last 24 hours trying to figure out how and where they can get vaccinated as soon as possible. Finally, just now, I found some definitive information I could give them. Basically, to make a long story short, they are in a holding pattern until they receive a call from their primary care provider telling them what their appointment time is for a specific vaccination site. It’s something. But, unfortunately, it took some digging. My poem relates to the vaccination process for my parents. It is free verse.

In my opinion, the new technology in terms of health care provision and accessibility has been a grave disservice to our elderly.


Finally, it is your turn.

Or, so you are told.

You are of age, at 84 years.

An age of risk and

an age of priority.

It is your turn

to receive the


Waiting will be hard.

But, at least now you

know that is what you

have to do.

Your doctor will call,

and say it’s time to go.

Your time is given.

You have a place in line.

You’ve waited this long,


Take the vaccine



How is vaccination going in your neck of the woods? Let me know in the comments. Good Luck and Stay Safe!

14 thoughts

  1. I TOTALLY agree that our most elderly are also our most isolated and uniformed because of the ways technology has passed them by. I find myself thinking more and more often that no matter how much I wish my mom were still here, I’m glad she passed before all this. Sending hugs to you and your parents! Thank goodness they have you!

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  2. I hope your search helps get your parents that needed shot! I am in the elderly category & wait, not so patiently, for news of an appointment. Because of recent news that the administration lied about ‘extra’ doses, I guess it’s going to be a while. Hope comes this week! I guess I’m lucky that I have kept up with the tech, probably because I taught & had to do so. Best wishes for your parents!

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  3. Oh my, how frustrating. My mom had a much better experience. She called the number listed in her local paper (thankfully she still subscribes and watches local news) and made an appointment at the health department. Once she got there, it was a streamlined experience. I hope your parents get their appointment soon.

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  4. On Long Island, the wait is endless. One site, Jones Beach, where we took our COVID tests is booked until August. After a year of fear over COVID, this year is causing concern. Headlines in the newspaper stirred up the issue of limited quantities of vaccine. Your poem pinpoints the issue, “Take the vaccine and live.” Best of luck for your parents.


  5. My dad in Florida hasn’t heard a thing (he’s 88). And there’s no concrete info available, at least not that he and my local sister can find. I’m thinking of my parents-in-law in Atlanta who have not left their home in ten months. Hoping they can get vaccinated soon!


  6. I’m going to try a third time to post my first comment – it’s disappeared twice already! I said that here in Haiti we are waiting for the vaccine to come. We have been told maybe the middle of February. We don’t know who will have access to it or how it will be administered. Our numbers are still fairly low by global standards, but they are going up since Christmas. Ruth,

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  7. This poem hits home for me. My mother-in-law is 89 and she’s had a tough time navigating the system. Luckily a friend of hers brought her an application and she got it set up. She told me that it took an hour on the Walgreens website. My parents are in a retirement home, so the home has arranged for their vaccinations. I was just on the phone with my mother and managed to get her to navigate to the photos app on her phone so she could join a shared folder of photos of my newest grandchild, her great grandchild. It made her day. This technology is very difficult for the elderly.


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