Some Distraction Helps


Today, I got out a 500 piece puzzle for something to do with my parents. Thankfully, I brought it with us on our trip to see them, as I planned our trip. My husband and I ended up starting it. Frankly, I needed a distraction. My focus needed to change from vaccinations, and COVID safety precautions, and the possible capitol riots in D.C. as well as elsewhere in the United States.

We’ve done three puzzles over the course of the ten month pandemic. The two others were 1,000 piece puzzles. My husband framed them and they are hanging in our cabin now. This puzzle will do it’s job by distracting us. Hopefully.

Beading a Bracelet

My other distraction is a singular one. I brought a small beading project. I am learning a brick stitch done with seed beads. I completed one over the Christmas holiday week. Now, I want to improve my technique. So, I am making another. Already, it is going much more easily.

I need to practice this technique and it’s a good time to practice.

When your brain is busy thinking of how pieces fit together and how to line up your row of beads, it can’t drift off to think about vaccines, health problems of aging parents, COVID restrictions, or really, any other problems that might visit me when I am idle. I think distractions are important to our mental health. They give us a mental break. The next time I return to tackle the problems, I’ll be more fit and less frustrated to do so.


The other activity I did to help myself today was taking a long walk with my husband. We walked 2.4 miles through neighborhoods and then, another mile or so through the woods. The walk through the woods was especially nice. Of course, I had to take a bunch of photos, as well.

Yesterday, we walked the same amount through the neighborhood, on the way back, instead of going through the woods, we detoured and went over to an old cemetary across the road….a pioneer cemetary. You’ll hear about this in another, future post.

We did a good job distracting ourselves today. I hope it refreshed us as well. Time will tell.

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