Poetry Friday – 2021: A Poem of Cautious Optimism

I cannot recall a time I wrote about politics, but as I started my day today, a poem about just that started forming in my mind. I finished it and decided to take the plunge and post it. I do this with some trepidation. It is a poem containing some of my views and opinions. Just like everyone else, I’m entitled to have them. But, it seems that when I express my opinion, about politics (rarely), education, or other socially relevant topics (super bowl advertisements come to mind), I often find myself called on the carpet or having to justify my views or bluntly told that I am wrong. I do not do this to others who express themselves, so naturally, I do not expect it to happen to me. But, often it does. In all honesty, I’m perplexed by it. I tell you this, dear reader, because I don’t expect a retort or even support for my poem today. While I love comments, and will respond to you in time, I will not engage in argumentation over this subject.

Writing, to be effective, is largely about the expression of feeling, opinion, and observation. All of those things are based on life experience. All of our life experiences are unique to each of us as individuals. Still, some feel the need to criticize or argue about what is revealed in writing. This happened to me years ago when I posted an opinion about our talented and gifted system in our school district. All of what I wrote was based on my own experience. Still, since it did not fall in line with what others felt, I was called to defend AND explain my position. It happened in my first six months of daily blogging (2017) and I’ve been hesitant about truly expressing myself since.

One of our crowning achievements in the United States is the ability to freely express ourselves. If that expression is done politely and maturely, it should be accepted as that person’s view and not criticized. This does not mean one has to agree with the stated position. It just means we are all free to have one and express it.

What follows is today’s poem. It is a rare outing of my opinion and based on my life experience.

U.S. National Mall. June 2019. © Carol Labuzzetta.

2021: A Poem of Cautious Optimism


I do not write about politics or the unending din,

So, you might think my candidate did not win.

This is not so;

I voted for Joe.

But, like the four years before,

I have concerns, and more.

A pandemic mismanaged,

Places us at a great disadvantage.

More waste produced

From masks and styrofoam let loose,

Off of our face and out of our hands,

We once again, filled oceans and lands.

Rejoining the agreement to curb climate change is a must,

But the time lost might be enough to lead to a bust.

The Earth’s temperature is rising in more ways than one,

Coming together is the only way to assure this is undone.

And, that’s not all of the concerns I can lend.

Large debt will be larger as there are plans to spend.

To make free what was paid by millions before,

Like college, and medicine, and much, much more,

Can have an devaluing effect for some in our midst,

For if you do not pay, you might not have a valuing gist.

A middle ground for Joe, will restore the sheen,

Not left or right, but somewhere in between.

Only time will tell,

I sincerely hope that Joe does swell.

For he has my respect, and others, too.

And, that is more than I can say for you know who.

© Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

18 thoughts

  1. Thank you, Carol, for your poem and for your thoughts that preceded it. I respect the opinions in your poem (and happen to agree with at least most of them).

    I share your reluctance to express thoughts that could be construed as controversial. I am dismayed by the need to jump on the opinions of others that some folks feel, especially when it’s done behind the mask of a pseudonym. Outside of blogging, it’s rare that I engage in any discussion, even in the “edusphere.”

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    1. Thanks, Tim. I do remain reluctant, but also felt the need to express myself. Those I’ve found through writing groups, such as yourself, are much more tactful, accepting, and reticent to attack or find fault with a statement than on social media…..Different groups of people I suppose. Take Care.


  2. Carol: I don’t typically wade in political waters, either, and have my own wary opinions and ideas. Having said that: I have a great many concerns about our healing as a nation and I think you captured the essence of that well here. Grateful for you and your words. Here’s to finding a way to move forward, together. Thank you 🙂

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  3. Thank you for your honesty in this post, Carol. I hope he does well. Like you, I have serious concerns about the climate emergency — among other issues our new president will face. Glad to see you in this week’s Poetry Friday link-up!

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  4. Yes, Carol, let’s hope for the best! I think about all the waste the pandemic has produced, too. Recovery will be ongoing, but at least now, I feel there will be those in government who want to move forward in a constructive way.

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  5. Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts–cautious optimism is a good way to describe where we are. We still face many challenges and don’t have agreement on the best way to proceed, but I hope we can learn to disagree without demonizing each other. That will be a huge step forward. I am also grateful for this community as a place to process my reactions to political events. People are supportive even when they might disagree.

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  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been silenced before. Your views sound perfectly reasonable to me! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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    1. Thanks, Ruth. I apologize you had trouble posting a comment to my blog last week. I saw that you stated you tried 3 times to post something. I hope that doesn’t happen again, as I appreciate your comments and support!


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