Poetry Friday: Pomegranate Persuasion

My post will be brief for this Poetry Friday! It’s been a week of subzero temps here in the mid-west and today is no different. However, errands must still be done, so I’m off to take care of things while it is still sunny and the illusion persists that it is warmer that it truly is (0 degrees with a windchill of -17).

I’ve been busy reading Sage Cohen’s Writing a Poetic Life and it is a pleasure to take in and ponder the suggestions. Many examples are given as well, so it is always helpful to see a prompt put into practice.

I wrote two poems today, of which I will only share one. The first poem, going unshared is about the frustration of the vaccine distribution for COVID-19 and our elderly. My parents are still awaiting their first doses and I spent an hour on the phone this morning advocating on their behalf with a Walgreen’s local to them. The second poem is about a libation I made in December. In the past, I’ve made Limoncello and Cherry Bounce. I wanted to try something different so I made a similar liqueur from a Pomegranate that caught my eye. This recipe takes at least six weeks to ferment, so last night was the first time I could try some and bottle it up! I hope you enjoy this fun poem!

 Pomegranate Persuasion
 Seeds tucked away in rooms of thick white pith.
 Holding juice so delicious, this fruit from Mr. Smith.
 Tenderly plucked away from its protective bed,
 Each seed put in a dish, so transparent, so red.
 Plucking, plucking, it’s a time consuming task.
 But to get them all out, is what the recipe does ask.
 Now in the bowl, all the glistening ruby seeds,
 Unknowingly await my pestle, crushing them so they bleed.
 The red juice is what we want for this strong, fermented mix 
 But, the seeds add flavor too, so we’ll throw them in to fix.
 A libation so benevolent, it will warm you from inside out,
 My pomegranate persuasion will get rid of all your pout.
 On the shelf since December, aging like you and I.
 It’s ready now to ingest, so I’ll say good-bye! 

Our host for Poetry Friday this week is Molly Hogan at Nix the Comfort Zone!

Thank you for hosting, Molly!

16 thoughts

    1. It is tasty! I only had a sip last night. It’s kind of weird…I like making it but don’t drink a lot of it (if any)! Anyway, thanks for your good thoughts. I hope an appt. happends soon for my parents, too! We got some good information today, so we will have a chance to use it next week. As always, I appreciate your comments!


  1. Amazing! The photos are just gorgeous and your poem a delight. Love how you captured the process poetically. Most of all, I’m fascinated by the idea of making “Pomegranate Persuasion.” That in itself is an exercise in creativity (well, and science). I enjoyed every bit of this – if only virtually, lol.

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  2. Pomegranates are so beautiful, love that you’ve patiently waited for that first sip, the bottle of which also looks beautiful! And, it’s great to write a poem capturing it all! You should print it out & attach to the bottle! Best wishes for the appointment. It’s been frustrating here, too.

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  3. Loved hearing about the making of your “persuasion,” although your comment to Tim makes it sound not very persuasive! Pomegranates are such a lot of work and so beautiful, certainly ripe for metaphors about life.

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    1. Ha! It’s mostly for persusading others! LOL….
      I usually give my concoctions away as gifts. Extracting the seeds from this pomagranate was the easiest time I’ve had doing so – I followed directions from the internet on “how” to do it.


  4. I got so excited when I read about your pomegranate libation! I make blackberry cordial each summer and like you, I love making it, but don’t drink much of it, even though it’s soooo delicious. I even use the same bottles that you do. I mostly love to give it away 🙂 Thanks for the gift of your poetry today. Stay warm!

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