Fixer Upper: RDP Thursday Prompt

1860’s Cabin in Wisconsin.

This cabin is our own “fixer upper” on some land we bought in Wisconsin in 2019. Everyone we tell about the cabin says, “how cool!” But, it’s really beyond repair. Unlike one might think, it is not a historical landmark and was inhabited until 1995 by an “old” lady.

Our plans for the cabin, which is now infested by woodland varmints of various kinds, is to dissemble it (read bulldoze) and take the wooden beams of the cabin for a future “she shack” of yet undetermined use. Being a writer and a gardener, as well as a person who enjoys solitude, I’m sure I will find a use for it, even if it is just contemplation as I look over the hills and valleys from our remnant prairie at the top of the slope to the left of the photo. The garage behind has been already torn down. So, although we joke about it being a fixer upper, it’s really a taker downer and put-ter upper!

This is my first submission to the Ragtag Daily Prompt. You can find the prompt page, here. Looks like some fun challenges! Thank you for hosting!

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