Slice of Life Tuesday: Visitors and Visiting

How did it get to be June 1st already? I know this year has dragged on for some but it seems to have gone fast for our family, especially the last six months. This past week, we were pleased to see all three of our sons. We also got to visit with my sister in law who was on a trip with our eldest – who took some post semester vacation time from his research to visit seven national parks out west over two weeks. They came to town on Sunday and remain with us for another few days.

Our middle son visited a week ago Sunday, bringing my small KIA SUV back that he had borrowed while his car was getting a new engine. We had a nice visit with him and his girlfriend.

And, our youngest son was here over this last weekend. He lives in St. Paul but both he and his girl came back to visit both us and her parents. It was good to see him both of them as well.

Visits are good for taking a break from routine. I was glad to see all of our sons doing this. They are all driven and busy, having jobs and responsibilities of living on their own. When you take a break from school, work, or even just your own routine, you can refresh and rejuvenate yourself. It’s important to regularly do this. However, over the last year it’s been hard. Having less opportunity to be social, turns some of us towards more work. I am glad to see this trend changing.

My husband and I will go from being visited to being visitors later this month. We will travel to see my parents in New York State. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to see some friends and other family members that we were not able to visit on our last trip in January.

I look forward to more visits with friends over the coming months that we’ve been unable to see during the pandemic. Visitors and visiting: it’s a good thing.

Chipmunk in Rocky Mountain National Park. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2012.

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  1. Visits are so wonderful! We had a nice weekend with my side of the family and it was so refreshing and I felt more grateful for the opportunity than any other time after having not seen them in a very long time.

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  2. These sound like delightful visits. They’ve always been pleasant, but after the last fifteen months, there’s something even more special about them. And I agree with you about the trend toward work when we can’t socialize. Yes, it’s something we DO, but it will be nice to turn away from that in the name of mental health…

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