Canoe Ride: You had your chance, muffed it!

Today we went on a canoe paddle around our lake. Our dog, Molly was invited to come. We thought she would. This morning when a neighbor stopped by in her kayak, Molly went right down into the water to visit this new person. She even put her paws up on the boat. So, we thought her going with us on the canoe this afternoon was what they call a “no brainer.”

Given the chance, however, she balked. A short round of come and then get away, ensued between her and my husband, while I sat in the canoe ready to shove off. Finally, she was escorted back to the deck, the gates closed, and off we went – without our dog.

Getting ready to shove off. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

The canoe paddle was great. The lake was just as we like it – quiet and calm. There were no motor boats of any kind. Just us and the occasional dragonfly and waterlily Peaceful and serene.

On our way back, we spotted a lone loon floating and diving some distance away from us – too far to get a clear photo. Loon activity has been high this year on our lake. But, as we navigated into shore by our dock, Molly stood and started to bark.

Long view of the lake. Northern Wisconsin. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

I shouted back, “What’s the problem, Molly? You had your chance and muffed it!”

I guess I’m still stuck on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But this time, it’s Lord Scrumptious, Truly’s father, played by James Robertson Justice, I chose to quote. It was fitting – even for a dog.

Enjoy your Saturday!

“You had your chance! Muffed it!”

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