Planning a major change

My husband and I are planning to build a new house. We aren’t going far, only about 15 minutes from where we are now, in the next township over. But, it is supposed to start this week, with a driveway going in. The driveway is necessary to reach the property which is on a ridge top with wonderful views.

Ridge top view. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021

It can easily be overwhelming to plan a change like this. But, our house is now too big with our boys all being on their own. And, what was once a country lot is now surrounded by housing developments. Although our view to the north is still stunning, we are sure that within three to five years that will be full of rooftops as well.

View to the North. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2021.

We’ve been fortunate in our quest thus far, and hope it continues. Now that lumber prices are starting to come down, we are looking more towards the future. The first step will be the driveway. Then, a large pole shed for my husband’s workshop. And, finally, probably not until next year – a new house.

It is a plan that will take both patience and persistence to become reality. While we were at our cabin, I had my husband review the pole building plan with me while I reviewed which house plan I liked best. I’d like the colors of the pole building to match or at least co-ordinate with the house. So, we looked at the steel colors online. This morning, I see by that chart left on the kitchen counter that he’s been to the local building supply store to get a hard copy of the colors available. This is good because I can see we need to change one of the colors already. Both colors we previously chose are dark and the wainscoting will not show up well with what we chose. It should not cause any major issues. The next step will be actual samples of the material.


My husband is color blind and I am about as opposite as can be. I am truly very color sensitive and perceptive to variation in tone. He’s leaving the final decision on color up to me. We’ve had a white house with navy trim, and now a brown house with tan trim. Our current “barn” or pole shed that serves for his workshop is emerald green with a light yellow (prairie wheat) trim that some what coordinated with our house before we resided it in 2017. It was previously sage green. And, our cabin is a rustic red with evergreen trim.

When it comes to planning for this new house, I am sticking with traditional and classic colors. I am trying not to be overwhelmed with too many decisions at once and keeping the possibilities of choices on the narrow side. I know I like clean lines and classic colors. We’ll be living in a visually very beautiful natural area so I am looking forward to considering our view as well.

Yes, it’s exciting. And, it all starts this week!

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