Foodie Monday: Yucca Fries

As you know, we’ve been traveling the American Southwest. During our travels, of course we’ve needed to eat. My husband and I like trying regional foods when we travel. This trip was no different.

On our first night in Sedona, Arizona we went to an Argentinian restaurant specializing in grass fed beef dishes. Instead of burgers, which have been awarded as the best in the area many times, we chose empanadas, sweet potato fries, and yucca fries. We also tried a local beer and I had Argentinian red wine.


This restaurant, Dellepiane, has a twin in Buenos Aires. The chef of both, Tomas, happened to be in the restaurant we were at on Friday night. Their menu was extensive. I knew before we arrived that I would try their empanadas. My husband decided to try them too. We were warned that portions are large so sharing was encouraged. They also allowed us to pick two different empanadas (an order includes two) instead of just getting two of the same, which is what is listed on the menu. We ordered the Beef Mendoza and the Green Chile Pork (spicy) that came with one side – for which we chose sweet potato fries. I also wanted to try the yucca fries, so we added that as an extra side.

The food was delicious! And, the service was fast! Luckily, we got in before a party of eight had placed their order! This move was encouraged by our server, which made us laugh!

Yucca Fries?

I am sure by this time you are saying to yourself, Yucca Fries??? How did those taste? We asked our waiter about the taste of these fries. What he told us was spot on! They were creamy and smooth with a buttery flavor, perfectly crusted and firm on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. The dipping sauce they served with it was yummy too! We finished all the food on our shared plate, as well as every drop of the drinks.

I know some of you might have missed my Silent Sunday photo only Post yesterday. We are still travelling so I did not get around to making a post. Be assured, I have taken hundreds of photos during our Southwestern National Park tour! You can look forward to some new topics for Silent Sunday in the next few weeks.

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